Everything is better with a hand-knit to keep you warm.

Christmas Cecelia

I’ve been thinking about how to start this post for a while. I like this first paragraph to be something fun, funny, engaging. But I got nothing. Seriously. Instead, look at that yarn. Those colors are spectacular and really soft. Take a moment to gaze upon their color.

Malabrigo Baby Sweater

I’m of the age where many of my much younger friends are having babies. I like to make them gifts. I make a lot of tiny Veggie Baby Hats but wanted to try a tiny baby sweater for a friend who was pregnant last year. But, the poor planner I am, the baby was born, moved and larger before I finished this. Seriously, it’s not like babies are a surprise as they take almost a full year to gestate, but here I am with a tiny baby sweater to be given to someone else and plans to make a toddler-sized sweater for the not-a-tiny baby.

WiP Wednesday: Timey Wimey Wolkig

After the never-ending Christmas scarf and the knit and knit-again hat, I wanted a simple project using one of my special yarns (those are the expensive or high-quality skeins all in one box that my family has been given special instructions for upon my death). Based on how this particular project is knitting up, apparently I will be the proud owner of my very own crack in time.


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