Basic Socks in Regia

I don’t usually buy single color yarn. I love yarn with colors, especially the always magical self-striping yarn for socks. Since I’ve started knitting socks for myself, I’ve found that I prefer socks in patterned yarn to be basic so as to really show off the striping. I like to use one color yarn to show off stitch patterns. I have a lot of stripped yarn right now, so basic socks it is.

Pattern: Beginner Toe Up Socks for Magic Loop. Because this foundation pattern is what I have used for almost all socks so far, why mess with perfection?

Yarn: These socks were knit with Schachenmayr Regia, Design Line by Arne & CarlosThe color is Winter Night. I picked up this yarn from my local yarn shop, Knit & Bolt. This yarn is beautiful. It knit up really well with no splitting or twisting. The striping is really pretty and looks good with jeans. Though when it comes to my hand-knit socks, I don’t much care if they match what I’m wearing or not because awesome always matches.

So far, they wear well (the height of Thanksgiving hosting fashion this year). While this yarn is a little coarse, it wears very well as socks and didn’t feel itchy at all. I think these are going to be some of my favorite go-to socks.

What’s in your project bag right now? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to include pattern links.


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