Can’t take me anywhere

Yesterday I went with my eldest as he got braces. My kid is 21 and this isn’t his first time having braces. When he was younger, we tried to compensate for his under bite, but his bottom jaw had other ideas and we had to wait until he stopped growing before it could be fixed. We’re helping to pay for it, so while I was there to offer emotional support if he needed it (he didn’t), I was really there to make the first payment.

When the boy was called in I stayed in the waiting room. This whole process was going to take about two hours, so of course I brought my knitting. If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ll know that I have been working on a hat, finished it and then decided to pull it out (because it was too small).

I went up a needle size. I don’t especially love knitting this hat because of the six rows of purl, but both the pattern and yarn are lovely, so I like seeing it coming to life. You might notice I’m using magic loop to knit the hat. I haven’t used double points or straight needles in years. It’s all about the long (interchangeable) circulars for me. Also I drop needles far less often now.

There I am, sitting in the lobby/waiting area knitting as the boy heads in for his consultation and application. Because this is an orthodontist, there are parents and teenagers streaming in and out. One kid was finishing up and her mom was standing near me. We make eye contact and I’m thinking of something funny to say when she says, “Is that magic loop?” I smile, say it is and offer to show her how it works. Right then, my kid walks back out to tell me I’m needed to go over the financials first.

“Ugh, we can’t go anywhere without you talking about knitting.”

No, sweetheart, you can’t. Isn’t that clear by now?

I never really got to show the mom how cool magic loop is. But that’s okay. Based on the class schedules being released by local yarn shops and online courses, magic loop is THE thing to learn right now.

Have you had any especially interesting conversations while knitting in public? Let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Can’t take me anywhere”

  1. What a great little story! I remember my trips to the orthodontist. If i had been a knitter back then it would have been more bearable!

    I share two interests that I get to practice in public–both knitting and sketching. Nearly every time I’ve been approached for doing either it’s been for a stranger to share a heartwarming story about someone they loved or knew well who also worked with the craft. It’s definitely a plus.

  2. Martha Nitschelm

    Love that hat…and your story reminds me of when my grandson was very young and was evidently confused by the term knitting, he used to say to me, “Grandma, what are you yarning?”

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