Fidgety Knitter 2.0


As any good designer would, I’ve been wanting to redesign this blog for a while now. Finally I found a mostly WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor that I really like called Oshine. So I spent the weekend and finally took a shot at making the site what I want it to be.

There is no yarn in this post


In the beginning of February, I started at a new job. It’s good work with good people, but unlike most jobs I’ve had for the last 15 years, it’s not near my house. Instead, I spend 20-40 minutes alone in my car each way. This has cut back my knitting time considerably. I have a shorter lunch period and get home so much later. My current project is a two-at-a-time-from-one-ball-of-yarn sock project that confirmed I needed to purchase a new ball winder (it’s all knotty inside the ball and I don’t want to cut the yarn). It’s taking longer to knit as I have to de-tangle every few rows. What’s a girl to do but listen to podcasts?  …


I have opinions about everything. Strong, strong opinions. And I’m a verbal processing extrovert which means everyone pretty much knows what I’m thinking or feeling all the time. Pockets on women’s clothing? I have an opinion on that. Brushing curly hair? I have an opinion on that. Those weird spiral outdoor lighted Christmas trees? Oh  I have an opinion on those. And when someone is wrong or does something stupid, you can be sure I will have an opinion on that. …

My care labels

In my last post, I asked you, my Fidgety Readers, what you did with lacy gifts for non-knitters. Specifically, how to care for them. There were a lot of good suggestions (thank you for your comments) and I love seeing how other fabulous knitters share their gifts.

I don’t give away a lot of lacy projects (well, I don’t actually MAKE  a lot of lacy projects either). When I do, I give them to the knit-worthy. Knitters know what I mean. Knit-worthy are people who understand the love and effort—and yes, the money—that goes into a hand-knit item. These are the people who truly appreciate what their knitter has made and truly, truly love the items they are gifted. I have several of these people in my life and once they show me how much they love what I made, they will continue to get gifts from me (my youngest nephew loves the knit hats I make for him so much that when he makes a passing comment about how much he would love an eggplant hat for himself, I will figure out how to modify that baby hat pattern to a larger size).

When I give it to someone, I want them to love it and wear it.

Friday night question: Gift Blocking


Okay, so you’ve made a beautiful gift for someone you love. Maybe a shawl or a scarf. This lacy beauty isn’t made from some cheap acrylic yarn you got from the local all-purpose craft store, oh no. It’s made from one of those amazing skeins you purchased at a fair for that special future project you knew would have its day in the sun. Maybe it’s cashmere, silk, baby alpaca or even possibly angel hair. This baby is hand wash only.

Why wool?

I have a lot of photos to sort through for several project posts. Until I get through them, here is an adorable video you should probably watch right now.

New neighborhood, same stash


OK, guys, I’m moving. Sort of. But hopefully you won’t notice. You see, I’ve decided that since I call the blog Fidgety Knitter the URL should match so as of today, you can find my posts at

That does mean a few things for you:

  • If you subscribe to my blog, I”m hoping the subscriptions will seamlessly transfer over to the new site. We’ll find out in two weeks when I separate the two sites. I will do everything in my power to keep any disruptions minimal and I appreciate your patience as I make the switch.
  • If you follow me on WordPress or any other blog reader, please change your subscription to
  • When I separate the sites, there may be some broken links. I am going to try to make sure everything is working properly, but It’s always possible I will miss something. If so, let me know what I missed. You can use the contact form or drop me a note via Twitter.

Unfortunately, links currently roaming around the wilds of the internet will remain broken. I can’t fix those, but I will create an error page directing visitors to Fidgety Knitter (and a link to everyone’s favorite post, “The descent into knitting”)

I will still own I will be converting it into a professional portfolio site (I’m a graphic designer). That will be a slower switch up for me as I don’t even have a digital version of my portfolio to start from, so it will be designed from scratch (with a piece of software I’m excited to learn how to use). Feel free to stop by and check in when I finally have the portfolio site up and running.

Thank you for reading Fidgety Knitter. It means a lot to me to share my hobby with you all!

Friday night question: Blanket help

Okay everyone, I need your help!

I’m making the super adorable Leaf Blanket for a friend. Well, eventually for three different friends who are all due at about the same time. So I stopped by one of my favorite yarn stores to see what good superwash wool I could find in pretty greens. I decided on cost vs. softness to go with Cascade 128. I love Cascade and this is a super soft yarn. But I can’t get gauge.