I’ve written about my love for my knitting groups before. I love to encourage people to knit. Some people might say I’m a pusher. They wouldn’t be wrong. So when I found a couple of knitter friends at my work place, I was the first in line to suggest a casual weekly knitting group over lunch. Eventually someone suggested that as a group, we knit hats to donate. Then that same someone suggested maybe we could apply for some grant she had heard about to purchase yarn and needles to teach others to knit. …

Topics of Conversation

I love my knitting groups. I belong to three completely different groups and adore each one. Seriously, you should go out and find (or found!) a knitting group right now.

Now I know someone in your life will probably tell you knitting and knitting groups are only for “old ladies” but you and I know the truth. Knitting group is full of the most amazing and diverse people talking about the most amazing and diverse things you could ever think of. I laugh harder at these meetings and make friendships that carry on past group get-togethers.

And if you’re one of “those” people who think we just sit and gossip or talk about knitting, I’d like to share with you how diverse our conversations are with my new feature,

Topics of Conversation

Friday night polls: Changing things up

Friday Night Question Header

I love to ask questions. I used to think I was going to be a newspaper reporter. And then I was a newspaper reporter. But I didn’t love it like I thought I would and to succeed as a reporter, you need to love it to the depth of your being and I simply did not. But I still ask a lot of questions. That’s why I started the Friday Night Poll. Also, I found a cool widget that allowed me to take polls.

However, polls require me to provide answers. What fun is that? How do I learn anything new if I’m already giving you the answers? To that end, I’m changing things up. I’m still going to ask questions, but ones that are open-ended. Hopefully you guys will head to the comments and share your answers. I’ve created a header and come up with my first open-ended question. It’s a simple one: …

Family Q&A

Yesterday a friend posted one of those “fill in the blank” comments on Facebook. You know the ones, where you have to answer the same set of questions and then copy and paste it to your own Facebook wall. It was a list of questions to ask your children to see what they think of you. My friend asked his four-year-old and as expected the answers were adorable. Of course that led me to wonder how my own teenagers would answer (surely they pay attention to me and all the thoughts on life I’m constantly sharing with them). So I asked each one the same questions. Here is a transcript of what they answered (pretty much word for word). …

The descent into knitting


Today Fidgety Knitter presents our first guest post. Fidgety Husband wanted to offer tips for the partners of knitters. But really, these are probably good tips for any crafter’s mate. Enjoy and let me know what you think (or if you have other tips) in the comments!

Many of you knitting partners out there may well remember some part of the beginning, just as I do. Even though I can’t remember where my wife and I were or what we were doing, I very well remember the conversation, even though it didn’t seem like much at the time. Yours, like mine, was probably innocuous—the kind of thing that I might typically just nod and agree to simply because it was coming from my wife. And I didn’t give it much thought at all.

“I think I want to try knitting,” she said. It came and went, just like that. Just seven words. …

Housekeeping: Commenting

It has been brought to my attention that commenting may not have been working on my blog. If you commented but the comment hasn’t appeared, I did not block you or delete your comment. The comment had not made it through and I apologize.

I have changed the process for commenting. If you find yourself with any problems commenting, please drop me a comment through my form and I’ll check into it!

And thank you for being a reader!

Happy New Year 2016


Happy new year!

I gave up making new year’s resolutions way back in my youth. I never followed through. Seriously, I never remembered that even made any resolutions. But this year I have a new blog and the opportunity to make resolutions that I will enjoy keeping. Without further ado, I present my resolutions for 2016:  …