Happy holidays 2015


I hope you are able to find peace and joy during this holiday season and going into the new year! And a lot of time for knitting!2015JenniOrnament

Jenni, aka “The Fidgety Knitter”

Friday night poll: Storing your stash

A tiny piece of my stash.

Long ago, I found some bug had nibbled through a partially-finished project stashed away in a basket. I was one of those people who had baskets around my house so I could dramatically wander from room to room, gazing at the beautiful balls and skeins while dreamily running my fingers through the yarn. …

Cuffs, hats and Jessica Jones


I love television and movies. Seriously, really passionate about it.* Also, it’s the perfect way to get a lot of knitting done on a regular basis. It’s possible I talk about what I watch so often that one of my knitter friends suggested I could blog about what I watched while I knit. This weekend, I watched Marvel’s Jessica Jones. All 13 episodes. Ooo, boy! …

Friday Night Poll: Cool weather faves

It’s getting cooler here in the Midwest and for the first autumn ever, I have snazzy hand-knit scarves to help keep the cold at bay. Seriously, I cannot believe I shivered through so many freezing cold winters before I gave shawls a chance. With my snuggly scarves at the front of my mind, tonight’s question… …

Knitting 101

Yesterday I posted a knitting tutorial from Trevor Noah, new host of The Daily Show on all of my social media accounts. Seriously, I didn’t realize I was skipping an entire step in the process. No wonder some of my projects take so long to finish. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out. …

The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns

Whoa. Where did September go? One moment I’m sending my kids to school, writing a post featuring a picture of my daughter across the windshield of my car and the next moment it’s weeks later, I don’t have any new completed projects, I haven’t spent time searching patterns online and no new projects have been started. My knitting group has started asking when my Hitchhiker will be done. September was brutal for my knitting. …

Oh the places you’ll knit!

I’m a knit-in-public kind of person. I almost always have a small knitting project in my bag. I belong to two knitting groups that meet in public places. I’ve knit in church, lectures, restaurants, theaters and on public transportation. I knit at lunch every day at work. So when someone says they just don’t have enough time to knit, I am full of ideas of where they could pull out their knitting. Meeting to strategize? Pull out the knitting. Long ride to work? Stitch a couple of rows. Waiting at the bar? Perfect time to work on those socks.

A list of where you could knit would be never-ending. But people like lists on blogs, so I thought instead I would create a list of…

Places you should never knit