A week in the life


This week has been a busy one. I have a stack of items to be blocked, but because we’re moving things around the house, I haven’t had the free space to try out my new blocking wires. My current project is the Hitchhiker shawl. It’s a lot of garter stitch. A lot. But I’m enjoying it and haven’t wanted to cast on another project just yet. To make up for the lack of new projects to post about, I present a week in the life of the Hitchhiker in pictures. …

Anxiously knitting


This hasn’t been my favorite week. It wasn’t really bad, it’s just been anxious and sad. There have been unexpected changes at work and someone I love to work with was laid off. A new friend from my knitting group will be moving across the country for a great job opportunity and to be closer to family. And I visited the dentist for the first time in a very, very, very long time.

You got hung up on that dentist thing, didn’t you? I know. I’ve made it through a lot of truly scary things in my life. Even at its worst, a dentist appointment is such a little thing. But to me, it isn’t. I don’t know the whys, but I have been truly and completely terrified of the dentist my entire life. I could probably track it back to my mom and her aversion to dentistry. Maybe she said something one time when I was little. I truly don’t know. The why doesn’t matter. I am so afraid that I haven’t been to the dentist for a long time. And it’s been fine. Until now when I found I have a cavity or chip in a back molar. So my husband, being the saint he is, made an appointment for me to make sure I didn’t back out. …

Welcome to fidgety knitter

Close up of knitting

Sometimes, you just need a fresh start. I have had this blog for several years. It was a book review blog to begin with. I love to read and it seemed a great way to keep track of my reading. But it’s a lot of work to blog about books and it wasn’t very fun. Then I tried a “I’ll write about anything I want” blog. But that was a disaster. Without a topic of something I truly loved as the foundation, it seemed disjointed. I couldn’t figure out what to write and who I wanted to read this. It wasn’t fun

So I scrapped everything and spent a lot of time thinking. And knitting. I’m always knitting. When I’m not working or reading, I’m knitting. I can knit while I talk, while I listen, while I watch TV. I usually have a project on or near me. I always have my little bag of notions nearby like a safety blanket.