WiP Wednesday: Prickly Pear Socks

This winter I expanded my horizons. I boldly went where no, um,  me had gone before. This winter, I became a sock knitter.

My first pattern was a simple toe-up sock in a worsted Malabrigo (dear, beautiful, soft, Malabrigo). To be super cool, I knit the socks two-at-a-time on Magic Loop from one ball of yarn (which is really easy but makes me look like a magical unicorn knitter when I whip out the project in public).

Having completed a pair of simple socks, I of course decided that was enough practice and could now jump into a patterned sock. I selected the Prickly Pear Sock pattern by Thayer Preece Parker. It looks complicated, but is pretty simple. …

WiP Wednesday: Be Simple Variations

I like to keep a simple, easy to transport knitting project with me at all times. Extra points if I can memorize the pattern (spoiler alert: I’m terrible at memorizing). While I won’t hesitate to buy a new skein of yarn when I’m visiting a shop, I like to “shop my own stash” when starting a new project. This past weekend I headed into my plastic bins to pick my next project and finally decided to knit with one of the gems of my stash: Knitwhits Freia Handpainted Ombre. …

Colonnade Shawl

I’m terrible at remembering to knit things ahead of gift-giving events. Christmas I remember, but I don’t really plan it well so not everyone will get a knit gift. I’m a slow knitter and I really knit for my own enjoyment. It keeps my hands busy. It’s comforting. I love to see the pattern come to life. To see the yarn take shape in something beautiful. And I’ll say it: to marvel at this beautiful piece of art I have created with my own two hands.

This spring I was digging around Ravelry looking for a new shawl pattern (you know, because the dozens I have saved from previous Ravelry searches weren’t quite what I wanted). I came across the pattern for Colonnade Shawl by Stephen West. …