Blocking makes it better

In my last post, I showed off my Stormy-ish Sky shawl (so named because I sort of followed the pattern). As I do with each blog post I write, I cross posted to my personal Facebook page in hopes of getting more eyes on my blog. When I posted a picture of this shawl, a lot of people told me how beautiful it is. And it is, despite being riddled with mistakes. That is because I utilized my super power: “aggressively blocking.”

Down the rabbit hole


My friend Karen on the right is showing me how to use an itty bitty drop spindle. I think what I was doing was called drafting.
My friend Karen, on the right, is showing me how to use an itty bitty drop spindle. I think what I was doing was called drafting.

I knew it was only a matter of time. In the last few years I have taken knitting from a casual hobby to a lifestyle choice. I’m fairly certain if you cut into me, I would bleed super wash wool (to keep it from felting as it circulates of course). So when a friend from my weekly knitting group invited me to her monthly spinning circle, I think we both knew it was the beginning of the end of my spinning-free lifestyle.  …

Unexpected meditation


For Christmas, I’m knitting simple scarves and hats for each of my nephews. I’m using a bulky yarn on large needles so they are knitting up quickly.

I originally started these on US 11. With the yarn I chose, everything was coming out stiff and dense. Not what you want for a scarf that’s supposed to be squishy. With no size 12 on hand, I pulled out the first scarf and cast on again on US 13. The resulting scarf was super warm, thick and perfectly squishy. Plus, they knit up very fast. …

The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns

Whoa. Where did September go? One moment I’m sending my kids to school, writing a post featuring a picture of my daughter across the windshield of my car and the next moment it’s weeks later, I don’t have any new completed projects, I haven’t spent time searching patterns online and no new projects have been started. My knitting group has started asking when my Hitchhiker will be done. September was brutal for my knitting. …