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I love Knit Picks. I haven’t purchased much of their yarn (I’m trying to stick to a yarn diet), but the yarn I did purchase, I loved and made my favorite thing ever. But every needle (Options interchangeable in nickel) and cable I own is from them. I look forward to their catalog every month. It may or may not be possible that I look forward to an opportunity to purchase something new.

I also love socks. They’re just so pretty and portable and people are super impressed when I whip out my magic loop, two at a time socks to work on while I’m waiting. So with the recent catalog focused on socks, I looked a little closer.

Socktacular Book CoverMy attention was snagged by a pattern book on socks, Sockatcular! It advertised as a “choose your own adventure” pattern book of the sock variety. Top down or toe up? Different heels? Different sock patterns? I have a pretty solid pattern for making socks which is infinitely adjustable and a book of stitch patterns. But I thought this pattern book sounded fun and not terribly expensive (also, it may have been an opportunity to purchase one or two Foursquare tips to try out but who’s to say…).

It’s a fine, book, I guess. But I was disappointed. The pattern is only for ladies 5-10 (small to large). So don’t think of using it for children or men. And it only offers three toes and three heels (six each, I guess if you count toe up and top down as different, which, I guess, they technically are) along with four body patterns and three cuff finishes (rib, picot and roll; nothing exciting here). The four patterns are pretty and I look forward to finding an opportunity to use them.

I’ve been trying to figure out what it is specifically that I was hoping for. I guess it’s just so simple. In thinking about this, I think I was hoping it would be even more. Pick the sock size. Top down or toe up. Several toes, several heels, and cuffs. And lots of patterns with information on how to adjust them. There just isn’t much to Socktacular! that makes it worth the exclamation point for me.

However, I believe that someone new to sock knitting would probably find the exclamation point well earned. Each step of the pattern is pretty clearly defined with clear information on moving from toe to instep to heel to leg to cuff (or, you know, the other way). Be aware, they only use charts for the patterns so reading charts is either a skill to be had or one to learn for this book.

The ebook was only $7.99 and I’ve spent more money on far worse books. Plus the pictures are very pretty and the yarn is lovely. Would I recommend this book? To beginner sock knitters, yes. To someone who knows how to adjust a pattern or has a go-to basic sock pattern, maybe not so much.

I guess I’d give this book a three out of five stars. It’s fine, just not right for me.

Do you have any sock books that you think are must haves? Let me know in the comments below.

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