Christmas Cecelia

I’ve been thinking about how to start this post for a while. I like this first paragraph to be something fun, funny, engaging. But I got nothing. Seriously. Instead, look at that yarn. Those colors are spectacular and really soft. Take a moment to gaze upon their color.

For Christmas this year, my sister-in-law (and her family) gifted me some money to spend on yarn. But as a fun way to give the cash, she folded it into two skeins of some inexpensive yarn she purchased at Michael’s fully intending me to return it. But this yarn was really pretty and in my favorite colors (dark pink and purple). It was also really soft in that way that some acrylic yarns are. So instead, I checked Ravelry and decided to make this cowl.

The yarn is Country Loom Colorburst from Loops & Threads. As with any boucle, this yarn can be irritating with the  extra loops sticking out (as well as finding stitches if you have to drop down to fix anything). But this project knit up fast and the color is pretty fantastic.

Lately I’ve been loving patterns that move across the knitted piece and the Cecelia Cowl is no different. This is beautiful, but the pattern and the yarn work against each other here. With the boucle texture, you can’t see there is a one-stitch stripe traveling alongside the thicker stripe. Maybe with a bulky-but-not-textured yarn it would be easier to see (the project sample, for example) but here it simply disappears. The pattern is written out and charted. It’s simple enough to memorize though.

This pattern is so easy and when knit in bulky yarn on US17 needles was done in a few days (because I’m not as speedy as some people who could do this in a few hours or a day). This weight and needle size make for a very stiff piece. I am still figuring out how to wear cowls anyway, so now I will have to learn to wear the more stiff cowl. Look at these colors. I’m good with that.

Skills required

  • Knit
  • Purl
  • Knitting in the round

So what are you working on this week? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to include links to your patterns.

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