Cuffs, hats and Jessica Jones


I love television and movies. Seriously, really passionate about it.* Also, it’s the perfect way to get a lot of knitting done on a regular basis. It’s possible I talk about what I watch so often that one of my knitter friends suggested I could blog about what I watched while I knit. This weekend, I watched Marvel’s Jessica Jones. All 13 episodes. Ooo, boy!

I really like Krysten Ritter who plays the titular character so when I saw this,

the show was added to my Netflix queue immediately.

However, I knew I was going to binge on the whole show when I saw this scene,

You guys, this is David Tennant. He is the Tenth Doctor. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, I’m not sure we can be friends. And to hear the voice and inflection of my beloved Doctor being super creepy and evil? Binge on, baby!

While this is a super hero (and super villain) show at its center, it’s also very hard-boiled detective from the lighting, cheating spouse cases and heavy-drinking detective down to the music (jazz undertones) and gritty New York landscape. However, this is a dark show, full of violence, anger and sex.

This show is more than that, though. Here are some of my favorite things about Jessica Jones:

  • The hero is a woman. A broken, imperfect woman. She was a victim. But she doesn’t need someone to save her.
  • Her super power is strength, usually a trait reserved for male heroes.
  • This show isn’t all about the special effects. Sure, the fight scenes are awesome and often, but Jessica Jones is also a really good P.I. It’s not about being nice, it’s about a job she is really good at.
  • She doesn’t rely on a man. In fact, the most important relationship in her life is the one with her best friend.
  • They call things what they are. Jessica suffers from PTSD. She talks about rape. Using that ugly, violent word often so that we can’t sugar coat things and maybe convince ourselves it was a misunderstanding or really something that was probably consensual. It was rape.

The show isn’t perfect but I think the good far, far outweighs the bad (seriously, a 2×4 and an angry twin? Nah, I don’t think so). Netflix is doing some great things with their platform (have you seen Daredevil? Seriously, you should binge that now) and I’m looking forward to the Defender’s series these are apparently leading up to.


Of course I knit during the Jessica Jones binge. I knit a lot, and I don’t think I’m a slow knitter, but I never seem to finish things in the same timely manner that other knitters seem to. So despite sitting on my butt for 13 hours, I didn’t do as much as I hoped. By the time I finished the show, I knit half of a hat (for my son,  Ed’s Hat from Lion Brand Yarns), decided to knit some boot cuffs, downloaded several patterns (Helmikuu Boot Toppers, Easy Knit Boot Cuffs and Single Cable Boot Cuffs, shown above), searched my yarn stash (finally decided on Coffee Beenz from Plymouth yarn Company) and finally cast on and knit.

Okay, I guess that is a lot that I accomplished.

Love both patterns. Very simple. This might actually be a gift set of boot cuffs as it appears my calves are too wide for the large sizing of the pattern.

What’s on your needles this weekend? 

* It’s possible the lines between reality and TV blur a little in my head, but who doesn’t want to live in a world where Captain America and The Doctor are there to save humanity? 

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