Finally wore those boot cuffs

I’ve finished my Christmas gift knitting. Well, mostly. I still have socks for my brother. But I knit them too big and he took forever to send me his actual size, so I’m waiting until I’m on Christmas vacation and have daylight to unravel the socks by. I don’t have any portable projects or WiPs  that I want to pick up right now. So I’m taking this time to rest my wrists (something I like to do every now and then).

I recently finished my quick boot cuffs and finally had the chance to wear them today. Based on the Double Kick Boot Cuffs pattern, I modified the pattern to fit my curvy calves. The original pattern calls for a Farrow Rib on one side and seed stitch on the other. I decided to only use the Farrow Rib with the bottom half being a simple 1×1 rib to encourage the cuffs to stay in place (it worked).

Here is the super complicated pattern:

Using a size 13 needle (or whatever you like based on your yarn to make a nice fabric), loosely CO as many stitches as you want, in multiples of three. Carefully join in the round without twisting.

Row 1: Knit two, purl one around

Row 2: Knit one, purl two around.

Repeat 1 and 2 until Farrow rib is desired length.

Switch to 1×1 ribbing (decreasing or increasing by one stitch as necessary somewhere in the round). Repeat ribbing until you reach your desired length (I did about half and half since I knew it was going to stretch wide). Bind off loosely.

That pattern vagueness is  why I will probably never be a pattern writer. I don’t even remember how many stitches I used. I knit these two at a time and finished in a couple of hours using Lion Brand Yarns Wool-Ease Thick & Quick (since I have about a billion partial balls left over after my Christmas hat gift knitstravaganza). I’m pretty happy with them, especially since my calves are too curvy for regular people boots and too narrow for wide-calf boots and leave me with a ton of space when I wear them, even with jeans tucked in. The Farrow rib is very stretchy and quite lovely.

How is your Christmas knitting going? What are you working on right now? Let me know in the comments!

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