Friday night poll: Storing your stash

A tiny piece of my stash.

Long ago, I found some bug had nibbled through a partially-finished project stashed away in a basket. I was one of those people who had baskets around my house so I could dramatically wander from room to room, gazing at the beautiful balls and skeins while dreamily running my fingers through the yarn.

When I found the nibbled yarn, I started digging through the baskets. Then I found it. Husks of what I would eventually figure out were fiber or carpet bugs. Limited to one small section, but still there. Sigh. That night I went directly to Target to purchase plastic bins to house my yarn. The infected yarn was quarantined in large bins and placed outside in the freezing weather to kill any remaining bugs (and promptly forgot for the entire super freezing winter so, yeah, those bugs had no chance).

I miss showing off my pretty stash (which has only become more beautiful as I’ve become even more of a fiber snob), but I like knowing my yarn is safe from cats, dust, people and bugs.

I’m still trying to figure out the best way to organize the bins, but until then…

How do you store your stash?

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