Friday night question: Blanket help

Okay everyone, I need your help!

I’m making the super adorable Leaf Blanket for a friend. Well, eventually for three different friends who are all due at about the same time. So I stopped by one of my favorite yarn stores to see what good superwash wool I could find in pretty greens. I decided on cost vs. softness to go with Cascade 128. I love Cascade and this is a super soft yarn. But I can’t get gauge.

When I knit on a US 15, the fabric is really loose (and still a little tight for gauge). I can move to a US 13, which will make a nice fabric, but it will probably make a smaller blanket.

Of course I searched Ravelry, and some people have knitted with this very yarn. A number have doubled up the yarn, but there wasn’t enough of any one color to do that. Others have used the yarn single, but few noted what needle size they used on their project notes.

So what do you think I should do? Should I knit on the 15 and have a super airy blanket or should I knit on the 13 and end up with a smaller blanket? Let me know in the comments what you think I should do!

5 thoughts on “Friday night question: Blanket help”

  1. I vote for airy – since it’s meant to wrap around the baby I’d go against smaller. And airy could make it easier for the baby to thermoregulate (?)

    Only downside – I hear some people worry about lace blankets trapping baby fingers or whatever. Unclear if this is a real problem or if this is a problem along the lines of baby-melting acrylic….

  2. I vote for airy. Since this is a merino wool, the extra space will trap the air and make it warmer. That’s the technical side of me.
    The Granma part says, Soft and snugly sounds really good for the little one. My grand baby is due in 3 weeks. Think I have time to make one?

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