Friday Night Question: Sockspiration


You guys, socks have been my jam lately.* They are easy to knit and super portable. Plus, I get socks at the end! And I think it’s magical to watch self-striping yarn stripe. So tonight’s question is an easy one:

What is your favorite sock pattern?

Let me know in the comments and be sure to share links so I can hoard them like a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter!

*I’m not too old to say that am I? If I say it with conviction, I’m totally cool, right?

3 thoughts on “Friday Night Question: Sockspiration”

  1. Socks are wonderful! As you say, they’re small, portable and fantastically good for our well-being – just a few rounds will help to lower your blood pressure, stop that “monkey mind” from chattering and allow you to just “be”. I teach beginners to knit socks through free tutorials on my blog ( and we’ve got a Facebook support group too, to make sure that people get to the end of their first project and the sock bug really has a chance to get them! My basic sock pattern is a springboard – understand these and you can do anything! – to more complicated patterns and I’ve written a couple of those too. You’re clearly beyond the basic sock stage, so how about these instead? or (Yes, yes, blatant self-promotion here but I hope you’ll forgive me when I say it’s all about the socks – and patterns that are free!) 🙂 xx

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