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One of my big projects for this past Christmas was to make a scarf and hat set for each of my four nephews. There is a substantial age gap between the youngest and oldest and I didn’t want to ask each of them their head size and spoil the surprise. So of course I did what any good knitter would do: I decided to wing it.

I knew I wanted to use Lion Brand Yarn’s Thick & Quick. I had made a couple of hats from this yarn last year and was very happy with the results. Plus, aside from being a super warm knit, this is a machine wash and dry yarn that is easy to find and comes in a lot of beautiful colors. It’s a wool/acrylic blend, but amazingly soft. In fact, as soft as it was to knit with, the hats and scarves became crazy soft after washing and drying. It’s easily becoming one of my favorite, go-to bulky yarns.

In doing a search of hat patterns made from this yarn, I found Ed’s Hat. Seriously, this pattern is simple and super stretchy. Using a US 13, I knit the same size for each boy and each seems to fit perfectly. Aside from being simple, washable, warm and stretchy, this hat knits up super quick. So quick that aside from the four hats I knit for my nephews, I knit one for my son, my father-in-law and (so far) two to donate to the local emergency room (or men’s shelter). I over purchased yarn (remember, winging it) and still have a enough to make several more hats to donate (though the last one or two might be a little weirdly striped). No lie, this is now my go-to pattern for bulky knit hats. It’s simple, easy to remember, easily adjustable, portable and quick.

For the scarf, I wanted something simple and warm. Not too patterned (teenage boys), but still interesting. This Mistake Rib Scarf from Purl Soho is amazing. The scarves turned out super squishy, especially in this bulky yarn. It’s actually deceptive how squishy it is since the pattern pulls in tight. Because of how dense this knit up, I had to move up a needle size from the pattern suggestion. The first scarf, knit on US 11 was stiff, something you don’t want when bundling up in winter so I ended up using US 13. I’m much happier with the result. I liked this pattern a lot. It’s very pretty and sometime I think I’ll try it in a lighter weight yarn. I think I might see if I can figure out how to do a mistake rib as the ribbing in Ed’s Hat to add interest. Maybe.


These were fun projects to knit. Since I wasn’t sure how a scarf and hat would go over for Christmas, we did add in gift cards for each nephew to “round out” the gift. So it was the awesome sauce on top when each boy seemed thrilled with their hand knit gift. And they assured me the hat and scarf together were seriously warm. You guys, look at how happy they all were (with bonus Fidgety Daughter):


Skills required
  • Cast on
  • Knit
  • Purl
  • Join and knit in the round (hat)
  • Slip first stitch (scarf)
  • K2tog (hat)
  • Bind off (scarf)

Did you have any Christmas gift wins? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. These seem perfect! It’s always a good feeling when hand knit gifts are well received. I didn’t do any handknit gifts this year but I’m going to add these patterns to the list of to knit for next years gifts!

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