Happy New Year 2016


Happy new year!

I gave up making new year’s resolutions way back in my youth. I never followed through. Seriously, I never remembered that even made any resolutions. But this year I have a new blog and the opportunity to make resolutions that I will enjoy keeping. Without further ado, I present my resolutions for 2016: 

  1. During the month of January, I will be knitting hats to donate. Check out this Tumblr post, the unofficial charity knitting month masterpost, for more details. I will be donating the hats either to a local emergency room or local men’s shelter. If you join, let me know and make sure to use the tag #charityknitting to share your progress online!
  2. This is going to be the year for color work. Not stripes, I’ve done those. No, I”m talking fancy stranded pattern color work. Specifically, these or these. I really, really want to make both patterns, but I don’t even know where to start! This resolution may take more of my time to complete.
  3. WiP-bust. I don’t have a lot of lingering projects, but I have a couple. I want those gone!
  4. Baby hats! I recently found out that several friends are expecting babies in the new year. At the same time, I found a number of books on cute baby hats. Oddly enough, I received said ebooks for Christmas and will be making a bunch of these hats!
    1. Knitted Animal Hats
    2. Gramma Nancy’s Animal Hats
    3. Baby Beanies
  5. Continue to grow this blog. I have a several subscribers and regular readers (HI!). While I would love to have more readers (who wouldn’t?), what I’d really like is to have more interaction with my readers. The Friday night polls seem to encourage participation and I will continue to offer those polls (which I will probably never close because it’s fun to see people continue to add their opinions). And I will continue to ask questions with each post. I hope you will consider sharing your own stories and thoughts here.
  6. Finally, plan my 2016 Christmas gift knitting so that I will knit projects throughout the year, not just during the last two months.Yeah, sure.

Hopefully 2016 brings you joy, health and happiness. Or at least good friends and great yarn to help you through when it doesn’t.

These are going to be my knitting resolutions for 2016. What are yours?

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