Peggy’s Hitchhiker

Last year, I hit 15 yarn shops in the area. I know what you’re thinking, but I was willing to take one for the team. You’re welcome. Most of the purchases were because they were simply beautiful and would be great for some unknown project in the future. But one yarn shop had a color yarn that I instantly knew I needed to be something for my mother-in-law. While I didn’t knit the pattern provided by Unwind Yarn Shop, I knew what would be a better choice: The Hitchhiker.

Slouchy Hipster Hat

Ribbing closeup of the slouchy hipster hat

One of the fun thing about working at a post-secondary school is that students will oftentimes work in your office. They’re not always skilled labor for the tasks at hand (though sometimes they are) and they always get the grunt work. But it’s really fun getting to know students at the place you work (especially if your job isn’t student-facing). Our office, Marketing and Communications, has been very fortunate in the student workers we’ve had and I have made some very good friends of many of them. So when our current student worker asked if I could make him a “slouchy hipster-style hat” I agreed. When he asked if I could make a set of matching hats for him and his best friend, I lept for joy because how adorable is that? …

Farewell Clapo-Ktus


This fall, my closest work friend found a new job. It was a great move for her, but it’s hard to go from seeing someone every week and talking all the time to not seeing them very often at all. I wanted to make her a going-away gift that would—hopefully—remind her of me while being squishy soft. Kelsey is a very cool dresser and I hope that the Clapo-Ktus in this beautiful red was a welcome addition to her wardrobe. …

All I got was some yarn


October was a big month at the Fidgety household. School kicked into gear. Work ramped up. Oh, and Fidgety Husband and I took a long-awaited trip overseas, just the two of us*. My sweetie and I spent 10 days visiting Wales, England and Iceland and it was wonderful. We haven’t traveled alone for more than a weekend since the kids were born and it was weird to have all this time to ourselves. But is was an amazing trip where we got to see and eat new things. (I posted a lot of photos of our trip over on my Instagram account if you’d like to take a look). …


I have opinions about everything. Strong, strong opinions. And I’m a verbal processing extrovert which means everyone pretty much knows what I’m thinking or feeling all the time. Pockets on women’s clothing? I have an opinion on that. Brushing curly hair? I have an opinion on that. Those weird spiral outdoor lighted Christmas trees? Oh  I have an opinion on those. And when someone is wrong or does something stupid, you can be sure I will have an opinion on that. …

My care labels

In my last post, I asked you, my Fidgety Readers, what you did with lacy gifts for non-knitters. Specifically, how to care for them. There were a lot of good suggestions (thank you for your comments) and I love seeing how other fabulous knitters share their gifts.

I don’t give away a lot of lacy projects (well, I don’t actually MAKE  a lot of lacy projects either). When I do, I give them to the knit-worthy. Knitters know what I mean. Knit-worthy are people who understand the love and effort—and yes, the money—that goes into a hand-knit item. These are the people who truly appreciate what their knitter has made and truly, truly love the items they are gifted. I have several of these people in my life and once they show me how much they love what I made, they will continue to get gifts from me (my youngest nephew loves the knit hats I make for him so much that when he makes a passing comment about how much he would love an eggplant hat for himself, I will figure out how to modify that baby hat pattern to a larger size).

When I give it to someone, I want them to love it and wear it.

Friday night question: Gift Blocking


Okay, so you’ve made a beautiful gift for someone you love. Maybe a shawl or a scarf. This lacy beauty isn’t made from some cheap acrylic yarn you got from the local all-purpose craft store, oh no. It’s made from one of those amazing skeins you purchased at a fair for that special future project you knew would have its day in the sun. Maybe it’s cashmere, silk, baby alpaca or even possibly angel hair. This baby is hand wash only.

Veggie Baby Hats


When you have a group of friends who fall within a certain age, sometimes they all manage to have babies within a couple of months of each other. And sometimes—despite having almost six months to make a baby object before these women who don’t live nearby have arranged to be in town for a baby shower that you are hosting—you neglect to make any of the adorable baby sweaters or fancy hats you have purchased patterns and books for. When that happens, a quick search on Ravelry will show you the most adorable and QUICK hats possible: Veggies! …