Justice League and Viajante

I prefer my superheroes Marvel-style. Especially a bearded Captain America. But my eldest has been a Batman fan for as long as I can remember. So to support Fidgety Son I have watched my share of DC movies (and know more about the history of all the Robins than most middle-aged non-fans would ever care to know).

Here’s a rundown: I’m not a fan of Christian Bale’s Batman and (I’ll just put it out there now and you can decided to stop reading now) I think Heath Ledger is overrated as an actor. In any role. I also enjoyed Suicide Squad (going in with super low expectations helped). Wonder Woman is up there with Winter Soldier as one of my all-time favorite superhero movies. But Batman V. Superman? Ugh, stupid (Martha!).

Needless to say, I did not go to see Justice League in the theater. I do, however, have HBO and a brand new knitting project.

It was unexpected, but I really liked this movie. Here are the reasons why (and I suppose there might be spoilers, so, you know, make good choices):

  1. Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot plays her with equal parts strength and compassion. Also, WW isn’t going to let anyone tell her what she should and should not do.
  2. I’ll admit it in public: I like Ben Affleck. I think he can be super douchey, but I’ve always thought he was adorable with that half-smile and I like a lot of his movies (one of my favorites is the silly but really creative Paycheck). I like him as Batman. He plays him older and, in this move, the butt of many a dad joke (my favorite).
  3. The Flash. Most of the movie’s humor comes from Batman playing the straight man and the Flash. Flash is a great, genuine, character and I look forward to him in his own movie. I think his character acts how many of us would if we all of a sudden were thrust into a save-the-world moment.
  4. Jason Momoa.
  5. J.K. Simmons who should act in every single thing out there.

But there are a lot of holes in this movie and that seems to be where DC struggles. Cyborg is barely fleshed out (which is too bad, because he seems like a very interesting and charismatic character). Aquaman doesn’t spend much time using any kind of water skills in the major fight which seems like a loss (also, why did he happen to show up in Atlantis right as the Motherbox was being targeted? There is ZERO explanation why). Also, why is Amy Adams’ wig so terrible?

And finally, my biggest complaint: Superman. I’m not a fan. I have not seen any of the rebooted Superman movies. While Henry Cavill is charming and adorable, Superman is just much too perfect. The movie is so much better before he shows up to the fight (and the brooding scene with Lois Lane in Kansas was a big tonal jump for the movie). When he FINALLY decides to show up to the Boss Level fight, his first words are, “Well I believe in truth… but I’m also a big fan of justice.” UGH. How cheesy. Not dad-joke cheesy. Tone deaf cheesy. I don’t like my heroes too perfect. He can’t be broken so there is never any real feeling that they could lose or get hurt when Superman shows up. Why is Captain America my favorite? Because in Winter Soldier he doesn’t actually win the fight against Bucky. Sure, the heroes prevail but Cap loses the fight against the Winter Soldier and ends up in the hospital. THAT’s how it ends.

Of course, the end of the movie wraps everything up with a nice bow all ready for the future movies, all all superhero movies do. I think if DC can keep some of the lightness from this movie, maybe they’ll be worth watching.

While I was watching Justice League, I worked on my new project, Viajante from Strickmich. I love her patterns so much and have been waiting for a reason to start this pattern. But why do I need to wait for a reason? I have yarn that I purchased on a trip to the UK with my husband in 2016 (why did I think two skeins of lace-weight yarn was a good idea at the time? Apparently for this project).

Over the last week, I actually started and ripped out this project three times before getting it right. The original pattern calls for a KFB on the first and last stitch of each right-side row. And about three inches in, I started getting some unwanted eyelets on one side. Not what I want. So I tried a m1L/R, but it wasn’t stretchy. Finally, I found a modification that looks nice and has some give to it which allowed me to work on this all through Justice League. This is a beautiful yarn from I Knit London. While I was browsing the shop, the person behind the counter said he dyed this himself, so that’s cool. Knitting in lace-weight is tricky (I can’t feel the stitches as well as I can in sock-weight and heavier), so I’m knitting a little slower than I normally do. That plus the fact that this piece is going to be HUGE means I will probably be knitting this for many more DC movies to come out.

Have you seen any good movies lately? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to share what project you were working on at the time!

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