New neighborhood, same stash


OK, guys, I’m moving. Sort of. But hopefully you won’t notice. You see, I’ve decided that since I call the blog Fidgety Knitter the URL should match so as of today, you can find my posts at

That does mean a few things for you:

  • If you subscribe to my blog, I”m hoping the subscriptions will seamlessly transfer over to the new site. We’ll find out in two weeks when I separate the two sites. I will do everything in my power to keep any disruptions minimal and I appreciate your patience as I make the switch.
  • If you follow me on WordPress or any other blog reader, please change your subscription to
  • When I separate the sites, there may be some broken links. I am going to try to make sure everything is working properly, but It’s always possible I will miss something. If so, let me know what I missed. You can use the contact form or drop me a note via Twitter.

Unfortunately, links currently roaming around the wilds of the internet will remain broken. I can’t fix those, but I will create an error page directing visitors to Fidgety Knitter (and a link to everyone’s favorite post, “The descent into knitting”)

I will still own I will be converting it into a professional portfolio site (I’m a graphic designer). That will be a slower switch up for me as I don’t even have a digital version of my portfolio to start from, so it will be designed from scratch (with a piece of software I’m excited to learn how to use). Feel free to stop by and check in when I finally have the portfolio site up and running.

Thank you for reading Fidgety Knitter. It means a lot to me to share my hobby with you all!

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