Oh the places you’ll knit!

I’m a knit-in-public kind of person. I almost always have a small knitting project in my bag. I belong to two knitting groups that meet in public places. I’ve knit in church, lectures, restaurants, theaters and on public transportation. I knit at lunch every day at work. So when someone says they just don’t have enough time to knit, I am full of ideas of where they could pull out their knitting. Meeting to strategize? Pull out the knitting. Long ride to work? Stitch a couple of rows. Waiting at the bar? Perfect time to work on those socks.

A list of where you could knit would be never-ending. But people like lists on blogs, so I thought instead I would create a list of…

Places you should never knit

  1. While driving. Knit away while someone else is driving, but if you’re at the wheel, you should probably leave the knitting in your bag. Driving can be distracting while you’re knitting and you’ll probably drop stitches. That would be a tragedy.
  2. In the shower. Look, I generally knit with wool and wool doesn’t like hot water. It’s a headache to knit and felt at the same time. That is an advanced skill and shouldn’t be approached lightly.
  3. During surgery. People react to anesthesia in different ways, but the end result is pretty much always the same: unconsciousness. It’s hard to hold the needles when you’re unconscious.
  4. While being burned at the stake. Fire and yarn do. not. mix. Also, I hear they tie your hands behind your back. That makes knitting tricky at best, especially if you can’t knit without looking.
  5. While being mauled by a bear. You’ll be flailing. The bear will be clawing. All of that will make a mess of your yarn and probably result in dropped stitches.
  6. During a hurricane. A wind strong enough to throw your lawn furniture across the city? Think about what it will do if it grabs your yarn ball, unravelling your work in progress all the way across town. Re-doing your work would be inevitable.
  7. In the middle of a street brawl. I’ve seen Michael Jackson’s Beat it video. All of that knife swinging can only lead to cut yarn. No one wants to join yarn in the middle of a project if they don’t have to.

Everywhere else? Knit away!

What are some places you found knitting to be challenging?

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