Outlander: Eye of the Storm

(I completely forgot to post this! I had this written right after the episode but then life got in the way. Watch for my year-in-review recap later this week. Hopefully it will give some insight into my poor blogging habits this year.)
Questions I have before the episode based on the magic of foreshadowing:

  1. Who do the remains from the 1960s belong to? (I think it’s Geillis which is super ironic since they find her bones  a mere years after she technically left Scotland.)
  2. Do we see Young Willy? (I think we do)
  3. Does Claire and Jamie’s daughter make it back to Scotland from the 1960s? (My money is on yes. Maybe the cliffhanger?)
  4. Voodoo? (that seems an easy one)
  5. What about “freed” slave Temeraire? Does he help the McTerrible’s out? (Probably)

Without further ado, spoilers ahead for Outlander season three, episode 13: Eye of the Storm

Okay, everyone. Jamie has just been arrested for treason, sedition and murder. I can’t imagine he will ever be able to get out of this (oh, wait, there are a bunch of books after this one, so, yeah, I don’t feel like the risks are that high that he’s going to die or end up in jail).

We just jump in with the credits. Claire starts her dramatic narration, ”I was dead.” A ghost story would be cool (also, Rose did it first and did it better). But alas, it was an unconnected narration probably directing us to the end of the episode as Claire rides in her carriage quickly across the island. Only to be stopped by some kind of processional. Voodoo? #4: Check.

Despite Jamie’s arrest, Claire is continuing the plan to save Young Ian where she walks through the slave quarters loudly whispering “Ian.” Seems a solid plan.

Turns out Claire was in the wrong place and she is captured. Young Ian is in the house with Geillis who believes Claire is after the sapphire to get the prophecy. Everyone one of these people are nuts. Claire lies about being in the slave quarters (“Uh, I totally got lost”). Geillis lies about being friends (“Uh, totally BFFs!”).

As the young captain tries to return Jamie to England, the new governor stops him. The captain doesn’t have a warrant so he can’t have Jamie. There is a lovely bit where John Grey slams the British Navy and how the British Army requires you to earn rank. Turns out the captain doesn’t have an affidavit or a warrant. Also, he can’t have Jamie because he wasn’t captured at sea. Bwa ha ha! Stupid little 12-year-old captain. You’re playing with the big boys now. I think John Grey eeked out Coco on my list of favorite characters (Hero Jenny will always be #1).

Cut to Geillis and Claire bonding over their “traveler” status. Geillis points out Claire is a big liar who has been getting in the way of Geillis trying to get a Scot on the throne. Geillis is nuts, BTW. Apparently this has all been a ploy by Claire to get the sapphires and keep a Scot off the throne. Seeing no other way out of this crazy Scot/No-Scot circle, Claire admits she wasn’t in Scotland after the war because she was (dun dun dun!) PREGNANT (hello 200-year-old at birth).  To prove her story, Claire shows Geillis her photos or Brianna. Geillis remembers meeting Brianna. I’m sure NOTHING bad will happen from this revelation.

Claire points out that a sacrifice was never needed to get through (remember, Geillis killed her husband to get through). She apologizes to Claire, but not before stealing a picture of Brianna. I’m sure for only good.

Some time passes. It appears Claire is locked in her room and sees Young Ian being dragged away. There are ominous drums. More voodoo? Check! Thankfully, Jamie figures out that Claire is locked in this specific room in Geillis house and saves her from breaking a window. They race towards the ominous drumming.

Mysterious masks? Dancing around a fire? Drumming? No white people in sight? It must be some kind of native ritual. Scary, out-of-focus shots of the dancing tells us we’re not in Kansas anymore. And Claire starts to have continuity flashbacks with the dancing white ladies that show up in the opening credits. I don’t know if they were ever in the actual show, but this seems like a way to indicate to us that any kind of magic can open a fairy ring to the future.

Despite their masterful grass lurking, they are found. It’s okay, though. Willoughby is there with his new GF, Margaret the Seer. So, the dancing was for her? I’m not sure. It was a weird connection and I think it was to get Margaret the Seer to a placed where Claire could coincidentally run into her to find out where Young Ian is. But first, she gives each of our lovers a vision of each of them shortly after they were separated. And then she speaks as if she was Brianna (from the future when Brianna meets Jamie). So is Brianna going to come back?

Claire finally hears the prophecy and runs off. She realizes a photo is missing. This whole scene is cut between Jamie, Willoboughy and Margaret fighting with Margaret the Seer’s brother and the continued voodoo drumming and dancing. It’s quite suspenseful. (Also, Willoboughy ends up killing Margaret the Seer’s brother. Some strange happenings goes on with the body. The show makes clear this religion is of the natives and not natural.)

And, of course.

There is a fairy ring on the island of Jamaica.

I asked myself before this episode, “How on Earth is Brianna going to find them all the way from Scotland?” I’m ashamed that I never thought the writing would be as blatant as having an actual fairy ring so near Geillis’ house where Geillis clearly plans to sacrifice Young Ian to cross through to kill Brianna, the 200-year-old baby.

At this point, Jamie is fighting Geillis’ slave while Geillis blathers on about changing the future and God’s will. I’ll be honest, I didn’t pay much attention.

Eventually, Claire kills Geillis by slitting her throat. Seriously, Claire has killed two people this season, Jamie none. Also, Geillis’ body in a cave to be the future? #1: CHECK! This is confirmed by a flashback where Claire and her doctor BFF talk about the body found in a cave. Remember, everyone, us viewers are too stupid to have figured that one out by ourselves.

Worry not, though. We’re only about halfway through the episode and they’ve found and freed Young Ian, killed Geillis and left a body to be found in the future. That seems plenty of time to find Young Willie and Brianna while setting up next season’s cliffhanger.

Back on the ship, we find the warrant withdrawn by John Gray. Alas, Jamie didn’t meet his young son. Sitting in her jammies on the captain’s table once again, Claire asks Jamie to not shave. So bearded Scot it is. With a side order of sex talk. Meh. Maybe the sex talk reads better. I was not impressed. This went on a while so I wasted time on my phone (wait, there are SIX more books??).

A storm rolls in. A big one.

Cut to the crew fighting the storm on the deck. Lots of creaking from the boat. Down below, all the non-sailors are whining they have to stay below. But not Claire, because she’s the ship’s surgeon and she won’t be kept below deck. I’m not sure what that has to do with sailing in the storm, but I’ve stopped questioning her motives.

We lose a man overboard. I hear the Wilhelm scream. It makes this more bearable.

Really, why the hell is she on the deck? Is she going to do surgery? Seems like roiling seas and a terrible storm would make that super hard. But I’m not a super smart doctor from the 1960s, so who am I to talk.

Masts are falling. Jamie can’t steer the ship. People are still going overboard. Everyone is to go below. Claire and Jamie are stuck on the deck and a giant wave is heading toward the boat. They’re the only two above deck. Claire is washed overboard. Jamie is not.

Back to ghost Claire narrating her descent into the sea. Part of the ship is wrapped around her and she is being dragged down… down… but what? A swimmer. In all of the ocean under the sea, Jamie finds Claire. I’ll chalk that one up to a love radar. I love a rom-com enough let the writers have that one.

They head to a floating piece of ship. Unlike Titanic Rose, Jamie find a way for both of them to hang on. Claire might be dead, but Jamie is holding on. And a long shot shows they are all alone in the great sea (this was actually a beautiful shot).

And look! Jamie and Claire wash ashore (where a small child pokes Jamie with a stick before running away. She’s my proxy). Is Claire still alive?? Of course she is! But where are they?

We learn there are survivors who have been saved by the local towns people. The people of Georgia. They ended up in America. Now Brianna is NEVER going to find them. Unless there are fairy circles in the US of A. Which I have no doubt there will be because this episode foreshadowed this. Now we wait for the next season in a state I understand fans call “Draughtlander” or what I call “not hatewatching.”

It looks like I scored two of five in my pre-guessing. Though I’m going to tack on half a point for Brianna showing up. No, she didn’t, but clearly, she will.

Thanks for joining me for this half season! I hope you enjoyed my super long-winded Outlander recaps. Now, maybe I can FINALLY get back to knitting!

Knits in this episode:

I didn’t see any. This continues to make me sad. Maybe I should call this show “No-Knit-Lander.”

There you go. What did you think of this season? What are you going to do with all the free time you have not having to worry about Outlander now? Let me know in the comments (no book spoilers please!).

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