Outlander: Heaven and Earth

Something good has come from watching Outlander. The trailers for a new Starz show starring J.K. Simmons run before every episode. It’s called “Counterpart” and has to do with the normal world but alternate dimensions. And assassins. Coming in January. That is for sure going on my TiVo. Unlike Outlander, which I just remember to watch because I have TWO friends who read my recaps now. Yay!

Spoilers ahead for Outlander season three, episode 10: Heaven and Earth

When we last left our intrepid lovers, they were separated by water and typhoid. This week we jump in right as The Porpoise is leaving Jamie behind.

Jamie tries to force the captain to follow at full speed. Instead weapons are drawn and Jamie is sent below deck. I’m not entirely sure why the captain refuses to put up more sails, but I fully support his insistence that HE is the captain, not Jamie.

Over to The Porpoise and Claire demanding cleaning. It’s going to be tough going. The older men don’t trust this woman, but the 12-year-olds on staff have given her all-encompassing power. Everyone must listen to her. I’m sure that they’re all going to LOVE that, especially once they all find out she is taking their grog and making it undrinkable.

Claire looks to the surgeon’s journal to find the first case and finds out all of the people who were first sick are all dead… except for one. But he isn’t sick. Instead, he is working in the galley where he touches all the food. He’s the only galley-hand the cook has and the cook is not thrilled to give him up (clearly the boy isn’t sick because he doesn’t look sick. I love you 1760s science). He gives Claire a look. I’m sure it will be fine, though.

We go back to Jamie. Stuck in a cell and puking because he’s not getting his acupuncture. He asks Fergus to start a mutiny so they can dump the captain’s wine and catch up to the Porpoise to save his beloved Claire. When Fergus points out that’s not a good idea because of the low number of Jamie supporters, Jamie becomes a jerk and tells Fergus that he must not love Marsali or he’d move “heaven and earth” to get to her. In fact, says a manipulative Jamie, if Fergus steals a key to free him, Jamie will give Fergus his blessings to wed Marsali. So that’s a super cool mentor turn of events.

NOT SO FUN FACT: Back on the Porpoise we learn that as the dead are being wrapped to be disposed of, the cloth is sewn shut and the last stitch is through the sailor’s nose to confirm he’s dead. And it must be done by a friend. Claire watches a young sailor whom she has bonded to take on this task. She feels maternal affection for him, it’s clear. Afterwards, the cook makes some “veiled” threats about the work the “doctor” is doing (or, as one would read, NOT doing as more men are getting sick).

While helping a non-typhoid alcohol-poisoning case, Claire discovers a Portuguese flag. The same as the one that was on the ship that took Young Ian. You remember, the whole reason we’re at sea. Anyway, in digging through the captain’s journals while he’s not there, snoopy-Claire finds an entry mentioning Jamie Fraser being seen on the Artemis. Uh oh! Right as she’s doing her snooping, the cook finds her and threatens her. But Claire keeps her wits about her, gets away and has to find the man who made the report.

Who, it turns out, is the guy that helped start the fire in Jamie’s print shop after getting hot lead in the face. Claire threatens him with torture to share what he knows about her husband. It doesn’t take much and she gets a lot of good information, including the fact that Jamie killed a man and put him in a cast of Crème de Menthe. Of course, Jamie had nothing to do with this. Claire killed the man and is the reason Jamie is wanted for sedition and now murder, with a warrant out for his arrest when they land. So instead, she puts him in jail next to the man who is the source of the typhoid. Nice to know that Claire isn’t above torture

Walking into the sick room, Claire notices there is no coughing or moaning. Apparently, they are getting better. In fact, the crew on the main deck are singing. Claire goes to find her young friend and he is dying. Despite her best efforts, Elias gets typhoid. So of course, as he is being sewn up, Claire steps in to stitch through his nose. Finally, with tears and grief on her face, I don’t mind Claire so much.

They make landfall before Jamaica and Claire tries to escape so she can warn Jamie (because I’m sure that in the entire world, she is likely to run into him before he gets to Jamaica. Things always go perfectly for these two!) The young captain knew she would try a runner and is keeping an eye on her, sending her back to the ship so she cannot warn her husband but will be used as bait for the traitor. What’s a lass to do but jump overboard. And we end in the water.

Some other happenings this episode:

  • Marsali and Fergus almost have sexy-time, but Fergus gave his word to Jamie and refuses to follow through even if he is walking into potential death by the beginning of mutiny. It’s clear who is more loyal here (hint: not Jamie).
  • Fergus refuses to set Jamie free because of how much he loves Marsali . If he mutinies and they fail, Jamie and Fergus will be tossed off the ship and the remaining men will do terrible things to Marsali . So, because he would move heaven and earth for her, he won’t leave her alone. Even if they can’t be together.
  • There is a woman on The Porpoise who has goats and chickens. Seriously, goats and chickens. At sea. She is the superhero of this episode. Also, she tries TWICE to get Claire off the ship so she can warn Jamie. And you could tell, Claire originally thinks the woman is not very bright because she doesn’t speak English.

Knits in this episode:

I didn’t see any. This makes me sad.

What do you think is going to happen next? Let me know in the comments and no fair using spoilers from the books!

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  1. Hi Jenni,
    Thanks for keeping me posted on Outlander so I don’t have to watch it. LOL No. Really. I always thought I should watch the show, but I really didn’t like it. And I didn’t like being clueless when other people take about it. So now because of you – problem solved.

    1. Ha ha! I aim to serve! Maybe I’ll have to go back to the beginning to hate-recap as this season is almost over. I hear there are FAR more knits in the first two seasons. Also, I’m sure more Hero Jenny!

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