Outlander: Uncharted

Oh, wow! I almost forgot to post this for you before the new episode. So enjoy this recap of last week’s Outlander.

Spoilers ahead for Outlander season three, episode 11: Uncharted

We left Claire as she jumped from a sailing ship in the middle of the night. She has to save Jamie, dammit! I’m still not entirely sure how she’s going to find The Artemis and warn him from some random island. It seems like she is relying on a lot of coincidences.

Even though we left our reckless hero with land insight, she’s still floating the next morning. I guess, as with everything, Claire expects the tide to just take her where she wants to go. And, apparently, it obliged. Sadly, no shark sightings.

Uh, oh! She’s on the wrong island. I completely did not see that happening.

(My family sat in for part of this episode. So far, they are as unimpressed by Claire’s survival skills as I am. Also, we’re all waiting for her to start everything on fire because even as city folks, we know that unlike Claire, you should probably clear the area of branches and leaves and dig a hole before starting a fire. Alas, no volleyball to keep her company.)

Night one: Dumb ass slept on an ant hill. They bit her legs. She hasn’t been able to find water.

Night two: Dumb ass sleeps under a tree. Wakes up with giant snake on her chest (he’s apparently just on his morning stroll and moves on quickly). Ant bites seem to be infected. No water.

Day three: Dumb ass bumps into a missionary. Passes out. Wakes up tied up and sunburned. I guess the tying up was to keep her from scratching the ant bites which are healing nicely. Also the local woman helping her sees the zipper on her bodice. But I’m sure nothing bad will come from that. Like, I dunno, people thinking she’s a witch.

Oh, wow, the English missionary is talking to a coconut. Named Coco. Coco is number two of my favorite characters. First hero Jenny, second Coco.

“I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts.”

At this point, I’m fairly certain this episode is foreshadowing voodoo in the rest of the season. But you know, in a light hand as it does all its foreshadowing. Like eerie music and skulls and weird items around the encampment.

The priest isn’t going to let Claire going on the journey until next week. However, the misisonary’s head of household (we soon learn it’s the missionary’s mother-in-law Mamacita) thinks Claire is a whore. Not entirely sure what’s going on, but these people are NUTS. And not the good kind like Coco(nut).

Soon, Arabella the goat is killed by a sailor. Mamacita brought its head back (because the sailors nom’d on the rest of the goat). So what else is Father Crazy to do but put a jar of bugs on the skinned skull? Bugs that survive in a sealed jar in a box. Special bugs from a special cave in Jamaica. A cave, perhaps, with the same name of as that mumbled the crazy woman Claire encountered back in Scotland on her first day back which was not some out-of-place interlude but an actual foreshadow (as a flash back reminds us). What a surprise.

But wait! The sailors on the ship sound like those of The Artemis. Could it be?? What an unlikely COINCIDENCE. Claire runs of to find out and we cut to Jamie and Fergus (and the rest of the crew) with a damaged ship on a sandy beach. Could it be the same beach?

Running to the beach, Claire stabs herself on a branch. It’s deep, but it doesn’t stop her. She has to get to her man! Quick cut to the ship. Is it the same beach? It is! But Claire has missed them all because those quick cuts were not in real time! The ship is at sea and the crew is on the ship. Claire is bleeding, but she has a mirror and hits Jamie dead in the eye. And he sees her with his spyglass. They are reunited. What a coincidence.

Together again, Claire is able to tell him of the warrants and he is able to tell us that he won’t stop looking for Young Ian.

But that can all wait. Instead, let’s have a wedding for Fergus and Marsali. We

Some other happenings this episode:

  • Best actual dialogue ever:

Jamie’s sailor friend #1: Mac Dubh’s wife turns up in the most unlikely places, does she not?

Jamie’s sailor friend #2: Yeah. She just drops in out of nowhere.

  • The crazy English missionary was a priest in Cuba. Met a woman, escaped from her husband and settled on this island (next door to Jamaica). Where she promptly fell ill and died.
  • The Captain of The Artemis died in the wreck. But our boys can handle it!
  • I’m really disappointed the voodoo angle didn’t playout for all the eerie staging. Fingers crossed we’ll get more of it in Jamaica when they begin to connect all of this to the body Claire was shown in 1960.
  • As Marsali prepares for her wedding, she and Claire have a talk about enjoying sex and birth control. They’re bonding, y’all!
  • The wedding is a lot like the wedding in The Princess Bride. One of my favorite scenes to date.
  • They make a big deal about the arm and then Claire needs the penicillin she so smartly brought with her and kept in her apothecary skirt. She’s burning up and Jamie has to give her a shot in her ass (he can’t do it). It seems a pointless scene. Wait, never mind. It was foreplay for sex against the captain’s door.

Knits in this episode:

I didn’t see any. This continues to make me sad.

What do you think is going to happen next? Let me know in the comments and no fair using spoilers from the books!

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