Pattern collecting



We all do it. A quiet moment at work. Waiting for dinner. A commercial break during a season finale. That short time before bed when everyone else in the house is asleep.

We search. Maybe for hours. Collecting and saving and downloading patterns we may or may not ever make. But we have them. The beautiful somedays. The potentials. The maybe-if-I-find-the-perfect-yarns.

The free patterns on Ravelry are downloaded. The pay patterns are added to queues and libraries. Websites are visited. Blogs scanned.

I save my downloads in Evernote (a post for another day). Sometimes I look back and wonder what I was thinking when I downloaded a pattern. Other times, I find something beautiful to start knitting immediately now that my abilities have improved. Sometimes I just head back to Ravelry to marvel at the beautiful objects others have made with a pattern.

Going forward, I will be sharing some of these downloads here. Of course I will include links because who doesn’t love to collect patterns. And link collections don’t ever need to be dusted!

What patterns did you download today?

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