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Last year, I hit 15 yarn shops in the area. I know what you’re thinking, but I was willing to take one for the team. You’re welcome. Most of the purchases were because they were simply beautiful and would be great for some unknown project in the future. But one yarn shop had a color yarn that I instantly knew I needed to be something for my mother-in-law. While I didn’t knit the pattern provided by Unwind Yarn Shop, I knew what would be a better choice: The Hitchhiker.

First, let me talk about this yarn. Holy moley. This was the first time I have knit with Dream in Color yarn. And it’s called Smooshy. Smooshy is a word I love. Smmmooooosssshhhyy. Okay, sorry. The special colorways for the 2016 Minnesota Yarn Shop Hop were based on books and this color was based on Winnie-the-Pooh. Perfectly. Called not-at-all-surprisingly “Winnie the Pooh,” this 100% superwash merino was wonderful to knit with. The color is beautiful and it was a dream to knit with. You might even say it was a dream in color (ha ha! see what I did there??). Okay, sorry. Please don’t stop reading.

The point is, this yarn is amazing. I picked up one other Dream in Color yarn during the Hop in a fantastic bright pink and now I cannot wait to use it. And you should probably go out and buy some right now. No, you don’t need to have a project in mind. Yes, you can just get it and hold it close while binge watching Netflix. No judgement here.

This is the second Hitchhiker I’ve knit. I love this pattern. Well, I’ve realized I love Martina Behm. Her shawls are so creative and interesting while being very simple. I’m not ashamed to admit that as of right now, I have purchased seven patterns from her. I did make one modification when I knit this one. I added a yarn over. To do this, I replaced row 6 of the pattern with p1 yo k2tog to last stitch(es) depending on count, then kfb in the last stitch. Then I blocked aggressively. I’m not sure I would add the yarn over if I did this again. I found it futzy and one of the things I liked about this pattern is how easy it was to knit. But it is beautiful and my mother-in-law sure seemed to love it when I gave it to her on Christmas.

I used one skein of the yarn knit on US 3. I would have liked it to be larger, but with the aggressive blocking, it became a nice, light wrap.

Skills required
  • Knit
  • Purl
  • Yarn Over (yo)
  • Knit 2 together (ktog)
  • Knit through front and back (KFB)
  • Bind off

Obviously life has been too busy to post all of the projects I’ve finished over the last few months and I’m trying to catch up now. How about you? What are you working on now that the new year is moving along?

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  1. Oh my! So happy to see this knitted up because I bought some at Unwind Yarn Shop the other day. She told me it was from the Yarn Hop in 2016 and besides Winnie the Pooh I also had Christopher Robin and Piglet in my hands. I can’t wait to use them. If they knit up half as pretty as your Winnie the Pooh shawl I’ll be thrilled!

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