Quick Winter Headband

I live in Minnesota. We laugh at winter directly in the face. This past winter, Mother Nature laughed back.

It was so cold. It was so snowy. And this was the winter that I took an on-site design contract downtown. You know what’s expensive? Parking downtown. You know what’s not? Riding the bus. You know what else I decided to do this winter? Cut my hair really short. You guys, my ears were SO COLD! What’s a knitter to do with all of this? Why knit a headband of course!

I knit this up over the weekend. I went with a headband instead of a hat because, well, I generally don’t like wearing hats. I have curly hair and knit hats are unkind to me. I want something that will protect my forehead and ears while keeping mostly away from my hair.

I’ve knit Winter Morning before. It’s quick and super easy while being interesting enough to not bore. Even as a slower knitter, it only took a little binge watching on a Sunday afternoon to finish and then drop in the wash. This made the bus-riding walks so much easier. Mostly (because it was still so cold. Hello wind chill).

Laying flat. From a distance. Very dramatic.

This project requires a provisional cast on. I like to knit my provisional cast on with waste yarn. Per a tip I’ve seen somewhere online, I used one of my interchangeable cables instead of waste yarn for the live stitches. It makes things so easy when I have to seam the two ends together (though not quite as flexible for the actual cast on). Then I just move one needle from my knitting to the cast-on cable (making sure to add stoppers to the other ends of the cables) and seam.

One of the neat things about this is that while there is a cable right down the middle, it’s an accessible cable. When knitting thick yarn on big needles, the cables are easy to see and don’t slip around (or slip down). Visually interesting while being easy. Win-win!

Each time I’ve knit one of these headbands I mess up the seaming, though. It’s a kitchener stitch and somehow I always mess it up. Every. Single. Time. In this case, I kitchenered on the wrong side leaving a nice, thick seam. But this was not a gift and, well, I didn’t care enough to fix it.

Hello seam-on-the-wrong-side.

I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick yarn for this project. This particular ball was a give-away from my mother-in-law. I will always take the Thick and Quick yarn when offered. Even as kind of yarn snob, I really love this yarn and have used it for many gift projects. Aside from having really lovely colors, this is a machine wash and dry yarn and only gets softer as it’s washed. However, I really hate the name because I have a middle schooler’s sense of humor.

Skills required

  • Knit
  • Purl
  • Cable
  • Provisional cast on
  • Kitchener stitch

This is one of those patterns I forget about until I need it. But it’s one that I have no doubt I will use again. I mean, I have a ton of partially used balls of Thick and Quick I should probably use on something (#stashbusting).

What are you working on right now? Let me know in the comments. Don’t forget links!

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