Can’t take me anywhere

Yesterday I went with my eldest as he got braces. My kid is 21 and this isn’t his first time having braces. When he was younger, we tried to compensate for his under bite, but his bottom jaw had other ideas and we had to wait until he stopped growing before it could be fixed. We’re helping to pay for it, so while I was there to offer emotional support if he needed it (he didn’t), I was really there to make the first payment.

Family Q&A

Yesterday a friend posted one of those “fill in the blank” comments on Facebook. You know the ones, where you have to answer the same set of questions and then copy and paste it to your own Facebook wall. It was a list of questions to ask your children to see what they think of you. My friend asked his four-year-old and as expected the answers were adorable. Of course that led me to wonder how my own teenagers would answer (surely they pay attention to me and all the thoughts on life I’m constantly sharing with them). So I asked each one the same questions. Here is a transcript of what they answered (pretty much word for word). …