fingerless mitts

Lambing Mitts


Recently I offered to knit fingerless gloves for a friend. I didn’t even realize it wasn’t my own idea until about 10 minutes after the conversation. But truthfully, I didn’t mind making these. I was between projects and had been itching to try this pattern.

In Minnesota, winters get cold. Really cold and hand knit items add extra layers for inside and outside. Sometimes we need something to keep our hands warm but fingers accessible. This pattern allows the wearer to cover or uncover as much of their fingers as they like. …

Today I downloaded: Convertible mittens


I’m pretty much done with my Christmas knitting. Well, except for one thing. That I have to pull out. And have been avoiding doing so. That person who may or may not be my brother may or may not be getting a picture of what they may or may not be getting for Christmas instead.

With two weeks of vacation ahead of me I have started digging around Ravelry for patterns for my next project. It has been a pretty mild winter this year. Which is good because I have no mittens and I make mittens and fingerless gloves for everyone else so I can darn well make them for myself. To remedy my missing mitten situation, I’ve decided what I really need are convertible mittens. …