My care labels

In my last post, I asked you, my Fidgety Readers, what you did with lacy gifts for non-knitters. Specifically, how to care for them. There were a lot of good suggestions (thank you for your comments) and I love seeing how other fabulous knitters share their gifts.

I don’t give away a lot of lacy projects (well, I don’t actually MAKE  a lot of lacy projects either). When I do, I give them to the knit-worthy. Knitters know what I mean. Knit-worthy are people who understand the love and effort—and yes, the money—that goes into a hand-knit item. These are the people who truly appreciate what their knitter has made and truly, truly love the items they are gifted. I have several of these people in my life and once they show me how much they love what I made, they will continue to get gifts from me (my youngest nephew loves the knit hats I make for him so much that when he makes a passing comment about how much he would love an eggplant hat for himself, I will figure out how to modify that baby hat pattern to a larger size).

When I give it to someone, I want them to love it and wear it.

Flying Geese Shawl


Usually I will find a pattern I love, download it, dig through my stash for an appropriate yarn and begin knitting. Often, as I knit, I will begin to understand the thing I’m knitting will be a gift for someone. Every so often, I don’t read the directions fully and don’t realize I’ve made a major project mistake until halfway into the project. And sometimes, that works out okay. This was one of those projects. …

Gifts for the nephews


One of my big projects for this past Christmas was to make a scarf and hat set for each of my four nephews. There is a substantial age gap between the youngest and oldest and I didn’t want to ask each of them their head size and spoil the surprise. So of course I did what any good knitter would do: I decided to wing it. …

The Hitchhiker


Have you ever knit something that was so amazing and perfect and exactly what you always wanted (but didn’t realize) that you couldn’t wait to put it on each day? This is it. This shawl is so amazing and this yarn so perfect that I would probably wear this around the house on a pajama day merely to dress things up. …

Sorta Peaky Socks


They are complete. After all of the futzy work of the Prickly Pear socks, at this point, I’m asking myself, “Self, why do you keep making these lacy socks that take forever to knit? Why not just get self striping yarn and just make those in stockinette?” To which I reply, “Look self, it’s because these socks are so pretty!” And they are. …

198 yds. of Heaven


My first foray into chart reading has ended and it ended well. I’m so happy with how this shawl turned out. But more importantly, I’m so proud of myself for tackling something that I have avoided doing for years. …

Prickly Pear socks

I knit my first pair of socks* last winter. It was time to learn something new so I purchased an ebook and set off to learn basic sock making. I decided to try toe up first and quickly whipped up a pair of worsted-weight socks in a squishy Malabrigo (which now needs to be darned as I quickly wore holes in the lofted yarn from wearing them too much). …