friday night poll

Friday night polls: Changing things up

Friday Night Question Header

I love to ask questions. I used to think I was going to be a newspaper reporter. And then I was a newspaper reporter. But I didn’t love it like I thought I would and to succeed as a reporter, you need to love it to the depth of your being and I simply did not. But I still ask a lot of questions. That’s why I started the Friday Night Poll. Also, I found a cool widget that allowed me to take polls.

However, polls require me to provide answers. What fun is that? How do I learn anything new if I’m already giving you the answers? To that end, I’m changing things up. I’m still going to ask questions, but ones that are open-ended. Hopefully you guys will head to the comments and share your answers. I’ve created a header and come up with my first open-ended question. It’s a simple one: …

Friday night poll: Storing your stash

A tiny piece of my stash.

Long ago, I found some bug had nibbled through a partially-finished project stashed away in a basket. I was one of those people who had baskets around my house so I could dramatically wander from room to room, gazing at the beautiful balls and skeins while dreamily running my fingers through the yarn. …

Friday Night Poll: Cool weather faves

It’s getting cooler here in the Midwest and for the first autumn ever, I have snazzy hand-knit scarves to help keep the cold at bay. Seriously, I cannot believe I shivered through so many freezing cold winters before I gave shawls a chance. With my snuggly scarves at the front of my mind, tonight’s question… …