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Hayden’s House Scarf

Last year, my youngest nephew fell in love with the Harry Potter books. When my daughters found out, the first thing they did was take him to Pottermore and get him placed in a house. Turns out he’s a Hufflepuff. Now this kid is seriously my number one knitting fan. He once told a teacher that his “Auntie J” is a professional knitter while showing off a hat I made him. So when I find out he’s excited about Harry Potter, I think we all know that means he was getting a house scarf for Christmas.

Choose your own sockventure

Sock drawer close up

I love Knit Picks. I haven’t purchased much of their yarn (I’m trying to stick to a yarn diet), but the yarn I did purchase, I loved and made my favorite thing ever. But every needle (Options interchangeable in nickel) and cable I own is from them. I look forward to their catalog every month. It may or may not be possible that I look forward to an opportunity to purchase something new.

I also love socks. They’re just so pretty and portable and people are super impressed when I whip out my magic loop, two at a time socks to work on while I’m waiting. So with the recent catalog focused on socks, I looked a little closer. …

The Hitchhiker


Have you ever knit something that was so amazing and perfect and exactly what you always wanted (but didn’t realize) that you couldn’t wait to put it on each day? This is it. This shawl is so amazing and this yarn so perfect that I would probably wear this around the house on a pajama day merely to dress things up. …

Today I downloaded: Shawls and socks


I recently finished a beautiful, lacy scarf. I blocked it as best as I could with towels and pins, but it just didn’t open as evenly as I hoped it would. I figured it was time: blocking wires.

I had recently received my Knit Picks catalog and while I was adding the wires to my cart, I remembered I needed Soak Wash (have you tried this stuff? It cleans but you don’t have to rinse it out!) and my neighborhood shop didn’t seem to carry it anymore. Of course there are about a hundred yarn and craft stores of all sizes within five minutes of my house, but, well, isn’t online just easier sometimes? And, gosh, if I spend $50 I get free shipping so I PROBABLY should add in some of that beautiful yarn I just saw in the catalog. I’ve heard Knit Picks yarn is really nice to work with so isn’t it my blogging duty to try them out? …