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I’ve written about my love for my knitting groups before. I love to encourage people to knit. Some people might say I’m a pusher. They wouldn’t be wrong. So when I found a couple of knitter friends at my work place, I was the first in line to suggest a casual weekly knitting group over lunch. Eventually someone suggested that as a group, we knit hats to donate. Then that same someone suggested maybe we could apply for some grant she had heard about to purchase yarn and needles to teach others to knit. …

Topics of Conversation

I love my knitting groups. I belong to three completely different groups and adore each one. Seriously, you should go out and find (or found!) a knitting group right now.

Now I know someone in your life will probably tell you knitting and knitting groups are only for “old ladies” but you and I know the truth. Knitting group is full of the most amazing and diverse people talking about the most amazing and diverse things you could ever think of. I laugh harder at these meetings and make friendships that carry on past group get-togethers.

And if you’re one of “those” people who think we just sit and gossip or talk about knitting, I’d like to share with you how diverse our conversations are with my new feature,

Topics of Conversation