knitting in public

Can’t take me anywhere

Yesterday I went with my eldest as he got braces. My kid is 21 and this isn’t his first time having braces. When he was younger, we tried to compensate for his under bite, but his bottom jaw had other ideas and we had to wait until he stopped growing before it could be fixed. We’re helping to pay for it, so while I was there to offer emotional support if he needed it (he didn’t), I was really there to make the first payment.

Oh the places you’ll knit!

I’m a knit-in-public kind of person. I almost always have a small knitting project in my bag. I belong to two knitting groups that meet in public places. I’ve knit in church, lectures, restaurants, theaters and on public transportation. I knit at lunch every day at work. So when someone says they just don’t have enough time to knit, I am full of ideas of where they could pull out their knitting. Meeting to strategize? Pull out the knitting. Long ride to work? Stitch a couple of rows. Waiting at the bar? Perfect time to work on those socks.

A list of where you could knit would be never-ending. But people like lists on blogs, so I thought instead I would create a list of…

Places you should never knit

A week in the life


This week has been a busy one. I have a stack of items to be blocked, but because we’re moving things around the house, I haven’t had the free space to try out my new blocking wires. My current project is the Hitchhiker shawl. It’s a lot of garter stitch. A lot. But I’m enjoying it and haven’t wanted to cast on another project just yet. To make up for the lack of new projects to post about, I present a week in the life of the Hitchhiker in pictures. …