Little Leaves Lace Wrap

This year I have had far less time to knit than I have in the past. As a slower knitter, this means far less finished items to post on my site. And while I have other things to post about (pattern downloads, hate watching, the one single project I’m trying to plow through right now so I have time to weave the ends in before Christmas), I’d still like to post knitted items. Desperate times call for desperate measures and all that, so to keep pretty things on this site I have started to dig through finished projects that I have from days of yore. Or, you know, a few years ago.

First time charting

I love Malabrigo yarn. It’s soft and squishy and the color is always beautiful. I made my first pair of socks in Malabrigo. They were soft and warm and the beautiful, fluffy loftiness of the yarn found me wearing holes into the bottoms of the socks long before I expected.

After knitting the socks—but before getting the holes—I purchased one skein of worsted Malabrigo in a beautiful purple color. One skein. What could I do with one skein? Because I wasn’t going to make another pair of socks and it might be kinda short for a scarf. …