lion brand yarn

Quick Winter Headband

I live in Minnesota. We laugh at winter directly in the face. This past winter, Mother Nature laughed back.

It was so cold. It was so snowy. And this was the winter that I took an on-site design contract downtown. You know what’s expensive? Parking downtown. You know what’s not? Riding the bus. You know what else I decided to do this winter? Cut my hair really short. You guys, my ears were SO COLD! What’s a knitter to do with all of this? Why knit a headband of course!

Gifts for the nephews


One of my big projects for this past Christmas was to make a scarf and hat set for each of my four nephews. There is a substantial age gap between the youngest and oldest and I didn’t want to ask each of them their head size and spoil the surprise. So of course I did what any good knitter would do: I decided to wing it. …

Finally wore those boot cuffs

I’ve finished my Christmas gift knitting. Well, mostly. I still have socks for my brother. But I knit them too big and he took forever to send me his actual size, so I’m waiting until I’m on Christmas vacation and have daylight to unravel the socks by. I don’t have any portable projects or WiPs  that I want to pick up right now. So I’m taking this time to rest my wrists (something I like to do every now and then). …