Happy New Year 2016


Happy new year!

I gave up making new year’s resolutions way back in my youth. I never followed through. Seriously, I never remembered that even made any resolutions. But this year I have a new blog and the opportunity to make resolutions that I will enjoy keeping. Without further ado, I present my resolutions for 2016:  …

Today I downloaded: Convertible mittens


I’m pretty much done with my Christmas knitting. Well, except for one thing. That I have to pull out. And have been avoiding doing so. That person who may or may not be my brother may or may not be getting a picture of what they may or may not be getting for Christmas instead.

With two weeks of vacation ahead of me I have started digging around Ravelry for patterns for my next project. It has been a pretty mild winter this year. Which is good because I have no mittens and I make mittens and fingerless gloves for everyone else so I can darn well make them for myself. To remedy my missing mitten situation, I’ve decided what I really need are convertible mittens. …

Today I downloaded: Nothing


Sunday afternoons tend to be a quiet time at the homestead. I often spend the afternoon ignoring housework and deciding what to knit next.

Socks are a really portable project. My Hitchhiker shawl is getting a little long to pull out for a quick stitch break and 198 yds. of Heaven is not a portable project. A simple sock project seemed to be the next best option to start. …

Today I downloaded: Shawls and socks


I recently finished a beautiful, lacy scarf. I blocked it as best as I could with towels and pins, but it just didn’t open as evenly as I hoped it would. I figured it was time: blocking wires.

I had recently received my Knit Picks catalog and while I was adding the wires to my cart, I remembered I needed Soak Wash (have you tried this stuff? It cleans but you don’t have to rinse it out!) and my neighborhood shop didn’t seem to carry it anymore. Of course there are about a hundred yarn and craft stores of all sizes within five minutes of my house, but, well, isn’t online just easier sometimes? And, gosh, if I spend $50 I get free shipping so I PROBABLY should add in some of that beautiful yarn I just saw in the catalog. I’ve heard Knit Picks yarn is really nice to work with so isn’t it my blogging duty to try them out? …