Outlander: The Doldrums

Another week, another episode just filled with Jamie and Claire moping. I know. It doesn’t make sense. I’ve committed to this for you dear reader, though, so here you go. Though I might have to figure out how to make these recaps shorter.

Spoiler alert: Recap of Outlander season three, episode nine: The Doldrums

Outlander: First Wife

Have you ever hate-watched something? I’m a voracious consumer of pop culture so I know a lot about TV and movies that I don’t or won’t ever watch. Some of that comes from my interest in simply knowing more about a show to be involved in conversations with friends or family who watch things (Mad Men, Game of Thrones). Sometimes I’ll begin casually watching something to share time with someone (Mad Men. I hated that show but watched it every week for the last two seasons to share time with my husband when he got hooked).

Something weird happened with Outlander on Starz, though. I don’t have any close family or friends who watch the show. But one Sunday night this fall, I was sitting at home with nothing to watch and nowhere to be and decided to watch the premier of episode one of season three while I knit a shawl.