Hayden’s House Scarf

Last year, my youngest nephew fell in love with the Harry Potter books. When my daughters found out, the first thing they did was take him to Pottermore and get him placed in a house. Turns out he’s a Hufflepuff. Now this kid is seriously my number one knitting fan. He once told a teacher that his “Auntie J” is a professional knitter while showing off a hat I made him. So when I find out he’s excited about Harry Potter, I think we all know that means he was getting a house scarf for Christmas.

Little Leaves Lace Wrap

This year I have had far less time to knit than I have in the past. As a slower knitter, this means far less finished items to post on my site. And while I have other things to post about (pattern downloads, hate watching, the one single project I’m trying to plow through right now so I have time to weave the ends in before Christmas), I’d still like to post knitted items. Desperate times call for desperate measures and all that, so to keep pretty things on this site I have started to dig through finished projects that I have from days of yore. Or, you know, a few years ago.

Today I downloaded: House Scarves


This past weekend we had dinner with family. Fidgety Daughters are the absolute favorite people in the world to my youngest nephew. My nephew is a new Harry Potter fan so during dinner (where they insisted he sit between them), they introduced my nephew to Pottermore so he could be sorted into a house. In passing I said, “Hey, maybe I should make you guys house scarves.” Yeah, guess who is now making house scarves.

Gifts for the nephews


One of my big projects for this past Christmas was to make a scarf and hat set for each of my four nephews. There is a substantial age gap between the youngest and oldest and I didn’t want to ask each of them their head size and spoil the surprise. So of course I did what any good knitter would do: I decided to wing it. …

WiP Wednesday: Mistake Rib Scarf


It’s October and I’ve finished the projects on my needles that were taking forever. Now a couple quick Christmas gifts for some of my favorite people. Last year I made two of my nephews quick and simple hats out of bulky yarn. This year I thought I’d make a hat and scarf set for all of my nephews. It’s a basic hat from The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns. The hat seems like it might be small and it’s certainly dense. I think I’ll try larger needles next time. …