Basic Socks in Regia

I don’t usually buy single color yarn. I love yarn with colors, especially the always magical self-striping yarn for socks. Since I’ve started knitting socks for myself, I’ve found that I prefer socks in patterned yarn to be basic so as to really show off the striping. I like to use one color yarn to show off stitch patterns. I have a lot of stripped yarn right now, so basic socks it is.

The Unicorn Sock

Normally I would think of some creative and inviting way to introduce you to the post topic. Something sneaky that gets you to click the “read more” button. But these socks. I love these socks so much that I can’t think of much more to say than “I love these socks.”

Choose your own sockventure

Sock drawer close up

I love Knit Picks. I haven’t purchased much of their yarn (I’m trying to stick to a yarn diet), but the yarn I did purchase, I loved and made my favorite thing ever. But every needle (Options interchangeable in nickel) and cable I own is from them. I look forward to their catalog every month. It may or may not be possible that I look forward to an opportunity to purchase something new.

I also love socks. They’re just so pretty and portable and people are super impressed when I whip out my magic loop, two at a time socks to work on while I’m waiting. So with the recent catalog focused on socks, I looked a little closer. …

Diagonal Rib Socks

My mom loved to buy knitting patterns. I have a binder full of patterns she purchased that I don’t think she ever knit. One book that I really love, however, is one that she had for a long time, The Complete Book of Knitting by Barbara Abbey (1971). In fact, when I decided I wanted to learn to knit, my mom gave me this book to see if it would help (at that point, it did not).

Like any knitting book, this one has information on how to knit (cast on, bind off, increase, decrease, cables, shaping and so one). Printed on heavy paper with only black and white images the front half of the book is nothing unusual. But the last half…it’s a gift from above. This book is full of over 200 stitch patterns. Wondering how to make the Pineapple Lace Stitch? How about the Twinberry Stripe? Maybe you want to try  the Modified Schiaparelli or the Lazy Daisy. Yeah, it’s here. I’ve been itching to try out a pattern stitch on my basic sock template. It seemed like it was time. Let me introduce you to the Diagonal Rib. …

Matt’s first socks


Only a month or so after Christmas, the socks for my brother are done. These are the first socks I have knit for someone without having their foot to try on along the way. I’m still not sure they will fit him because we haven’t seen each other since they’ve (finally) been washed and blocked. …

Sorta Peaky Socks


They are complete. After all of the futzy work of the Prickly Pear socks, at this point, I’m asking myself, “Self, why do you keep making these lacy socks that take forever to knit? Why not just get self striping yarn and just make those in stockinette?” To which I reply, “Look self, it’s because these socks are so pretty!” And they are. …