Today I downloaded: A hat!


Okay, full disclosure, I actually downloaded this last week. But “Sometime last week I downloaded a hat and I’m almost done with it” is a really long title for a blog post. This project is more about the story behind it, though.

The Unicorn Sock

Normally I would think of some creative and inviting way to introduce you to the post topic. Something sneaky that gets you to click the “read more” button. But these socks. I love these socks so much that I can’t think of much more to say than “I love these socks.”

Farewell Clapo-Ktus


This fall, my closest work friend found a new job. It was a great move for her, but it’s hard to go from seeing someone every week and talking all the time to not seeing them very often at all. I wanted to make her a going-away gift that would—hopefully—remind her of me while being squishy soft. Kelsey is a very cool dresser and I hope that the Clapo-Ktus in this beautiful red was a welcome addition to her wardrobe. …

All I got was some yarn


October was a big month at the Fidgety household. School kicked into gear. Work ramped up. Oh, and Fidgety Husband and I took a long-awaited trip overseas, just the two of us*. My sweetie and I spent 10 days visiting Wales, England and Iceland and it was wonderful. We haven’t traveled alone for more than a weekend since the kids were born and it was weird to have all this time to ourselves. But is was an amazing trip where we got to see and eat new things. (I posted a lot of photos of our trip over on my Instagram account if you’d like to take a look). …

WiP: Super secret


Look, I can’t actually show you what I’m working on. This is a gift for someone I love who happens to be a regular reader of this blog. So I can’t even tell you what pattern. But check out this yarn! …

Friday night question: What should I do with this yarn?


Okay ladies and gentlemen. I have beautiful yarn I purchased during the 2016 Yarn Shop Hop. I purchased these two skeins specifically to go together. I’ve always been drawn to the patterns where there is a neutral gray paired with a colorful yarn that shifts as it’s knit. When I purchased these yarns, the hope was to find a beautiful shawl pattern to do just that. So I’m looking for some suggestions:

Friday night question: Blanket help

Okay everyone, I need your help!

I’m making the super adorable Leaf Blanket for a friend. Well, eventually for three different friends who are all due at about the same time. So I stopped by one of my favorite yarn stores to see what good superwash wool I could find in pretty greens. I decided on cost vs. softness to go with Cascade 128. I love Cascade and this is a super soft yarn. But I can’t get gauge.