The Hitchhiker


Have you ever knit something that was so amazing and perfect and exactly what you always wanted (but didn’t realize) that you couldn’t wait to put it on each day? This is it. This shawl is so amazing and this yarn so perfect that I would probably wear this around the house on a pajama day merely to dress things up.


This shawl took me a very long time to knit. Long enough that my friends in my beloved knitting group would ask me why wasn’t I don’t YET? every week. Knit on a US3 in fingering weight in ever-longer rows, this was  a super simple knit. Purchased in a “trilogy of four patterns,” The Hitchhiker is named after the fabulous book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. It’s supposed to have 42 points. I knew I wanted it longer and in the end, knit 57 points. That measures out to be 94″ long on the longest edge. Almost eight feet long. While I didn’t count, I figure that means I bound off an estimated 80 million stitches.

I originally chose this pattern because it seemed to be a right-of-passage for knitters on Ravelry (It has over 21,000 projects and counting). It’s not a free pattern, but I didn’t mind purchasing the set of four patterns. I’m looking forward to try out this pattern with a thicker yarn as well as trying out the other patterns in the set.

This pattern is simply garter stitch, knitting every row (plus some other stuff, but you have to purchase the pattern for that). It’s an eight row-repeat, though if you look closely, it’s clear I lost track every now and then (some points are a little shallow, some a little deeper). Seriously, you can’t tell though. It’s long enough that I could wrap it snuggly around my neck several times or leave it as one casual loop around my neck. I’m amazed how warm a simple scarf around the neck will keep me without the need for extra layers.

Hitchhiker4This pattern is perfect for  a variegated yarn. For this, I used Knit Picks Stroll Tonal Sock Yarn in Pansy (everyone should own this beautiful color but you should probably use it for socks. I would hate for you to make a matching shawl that you would wear out and then we would run into each other in matching shawls and it would be super awkward). While I have been a strict Knit Picks needle user for quite a while, this is the first yarn I have purchased from them. I used about a skein and a half for this project. I might try to see if I can squeeze a pair of simple crew socks out of the remainder. While this yarn is super wash, I still blocked out the shawl. Possibly so I could see it in all it’s glory each time I wandered through the living room, taking the long way from room to room so I could gaze upon its splendor. It’s clear I will be finding excuses to purchase more yarn from Knit Picks. I cannot stress enough how beautiful this yarn is.

Hitchhiker1Bottom line: you should probably make this scarf and use this yarn.

Skills required
  • Knit
  • Purl
  • Knit through front and back (KFB)
  • Bind off

What have you knit that is now a staple to your knitting wardrobe? Let me know in the comments!


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