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In the beginning of February, I started at a new job. It’s good work with good people, but unlike most jobs I’ve had for the last 15 years, it’s not near my house. Instead, I spend 20-40 minutes alone in my car each way. This has cut back my knitting time considerably. I have a shorter lunch period and get home so much later. My current project is a two-at-a-time-from-one-ball-of-yarn sock project that confirmed I needed to purchase a new ball winder (it’s all knotty inside the ball and I don’t want to cut the yarn). It’s taking longer to knit as I have to de-tangle every few rows. What’s a girl to do but listen to podcasts? 

I’ve been listening to several podcasts for a couple of years now. But I”m bad at listening if I don’t have something to do at the same time. I get distracted, forget to listen and then don’t know what’s going on. So I can sometimes listen while I’m working or while I’m knitting, but that is usually pretty limited. With all this free time on my hands I am literally trapped with nothing to do. So, it seemed like as good a time as any to share my favorite podcasts with you. Something to know ahead of time: I don’t listen to “real-life” podcasts and I love me some supernatural.

My current playlist:

Alice Isn’t Dead: From the creators of Welcome to Nightvale, this podcast follows a long-haul trucker looking for long-thought dead wife. It’s set up as our narrator telling her story to whoever might be listening on the  her radio. Weird things happen. Has a nice touch of horror, too. Plus, I LOVE Jasika Nicole and would probably listen to her read the phone book.

Archive 81: Dan was hired to listen to tapes in a secret archive while searching for a missing friend. The tapes take a weird turn and so does Dan’s employer. They are currently on season two and the story took a pretty solid left turn. I’m not sure if I love season two as much as one, but the story is still pretty compelling. Supernatural and horror.

The Black Tapes: Alex is a reporter for Pacific Northwest Stories. In her quest to find interesting stories, she stumbles onto the black tapes. A series of video tapes featuring apparently supernatural events. Alex and Dr. Strand delve deeper into this supernatural mystery to find out what the world-wide supernatural issue is. Love this podcast, though the voice acting isn’t 100 percent convincing. However, it has been on break since August of 2016 with no signs of returning despite producers promises. This NPR-style radio show is part of a group of three podcasts including Tanis and Rabbits.

The Bridge: I didn’t realize until I went to get this link that it’s supposed to be an alternate timeline. I thought it was in the future. Doesn’t matter. Love this podcast. Etta gives the traffic report in watchtower 10 on the Trans-Atlantic Bridge. But really, since there are no travelers, she tells stories of things that have happened on the bridge. Super mysterious supernatural things. Also, things happen at the tower. I binged right through this one and look forward to each new episode.

The Bright Sessions: Audio recordings of Dr. Bright’s therapy sessions with people who have “special” abilities (you know, of the supernatural kind). I have become crazy invested in the lives of these people as well as the greater plot-line. One episode had me crying all the way home, it was that powerful. The voice acting is top-notch.

Qwerpline: Holy. Cow. I LOVE this podcast. Two friends told me about it and it might be the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. These are segments from a radio show in Nsburg, a super quirky town. No supernatural but one that regularly has me laughing out loud when stuck in traffic.

Rabbits: Carly Parker’s friend goes missing and she uncovers a decades spanning world-wide game that may have to do with the disappearance. This is a new podcast and so far I love it. This NPR-style radio show is part of a group of three podcasts including Tanis and The Black Tapes. This is my favorite of the three. Really well done.

Rover Red: We follow Leah, a Rover, through a post-apocalyptic landscape as she searches for her brother. Her choices are user-guided through voting. I just caught up to the current season break so I haven’t participated in any voting, but will when the new season begins.

Small Town Horror: Something happened when Ryan was a young boy. Now’s he’s an adult, returned home to figure out what happened in the neighboring small town in Minnesota.  Supernatural and a little rough in the voice acting, but interesting. I don’t like to listen to this one in the car, though. My car is noisy and this one leans towards quiet.

Tanis: Nic is a producer at the Public Radio Alliance. He got sucked into a world-wide supernatural mystery. This started out really good, but then the creators decided that Nic might or might not be the key to everything and all he does now is navel-gaze. Also, listener mail is hand’s down the worst thing this show does. I skip each one so hopefully nothing for the actual show mythology is revealed. This NPR-style radio show is part of a group of three podcasts including Rabbits and The Black Tapes. This is my least favorite of the three.

There you go. I have a couple of others that I will listen to, but none that I have committed to like I have these. I’m on an Android device so long ago I purchased Pocket Casts (and then purchased the ability to listen through the website). This is a great app and I fully recommend it for your listening pleasure.

How about you? What are your must-follow podcasts? Let me know in the comments.



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