Timey Wimey Wolkig

This. Yarn. Is. EVERYTHING. Not only is it beautiful, it was such a pleasure to work with. And what you can’t tell—no matter how hard I tried to capture it—is that it sparkles. Everything that looks like dust on my photo or weird, stray hairs are shiny, silvery sparkles. Dear cool weather, I am ready.

First the yarn. This colorway is Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey (fingering weight) from Wild Hare Fiber Studio. It was an exclusive yarn purchased from StevenBe in Minneapolis. It is so lovely. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I found myself stopping just to look at how beautiful the yarn is while I was knitting.

Originally purchased to make socks, I simply could not use it that way. How could I possibly hide this yarn under my pants and shoes for no one to see? This was not a cheap yarn, but worth every splurged penny. It’s soft, the colors are deeply saturated (but did not turn my fingers blue) and it was really nice to knit with. No splitting or un-twisting and I didn’t feel like I was losing the sparkles everywhere. I used a full skein for this pattern.

The colors in this yarn are spectacular. As always seems to be the case with yarn, the pictures don’t really do the colors justice. But they are a variety of “TARDIS” blues. As a big Doctor Who nerd, I was crazy excited that as I was knitting the color pooled in such a way that it looks like the Tenth Doctor’s Crack in Time.

The pattern is Wolkig from Martina Behm (Strickmich). I’m always amazed by her patterns. They’re so simple and yet so tricky looking. This pattern has four purl bands that move around the pattern. WIth simple increases and decreases, the traveling band causes the regular knit stitches to pouf up and gather (plus, each strip has this fun little curl on the cast on and off edges which is kind of hard to see in any of my pictures). If I had more yarn, I would have made this a taller so it would be bunchier at my neck (like in Behm’s own photographs). The pattern was super easy to memorize and the perfect take-along pattern.

Per her instructions I have not blocked this piece at all. It does have a nice ability to stretch, though, so I can gently tug it wider or taller.

I’m so pleased with how this project turned out.

Skills required

  • Knit
  • Purl
  • KFB (knit through front and back of loop)
  • P3tog (purl three together)

What are you currently working on? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to include links to patterns!

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