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I’m pretty much done with my Christmas knitting. Well, except for one thing. That I have to pull out. And have been avoiding doing so. That person who may or may not be my brother may or may not be getting a picture of what they may or may not be getting for Christmas instead.

With two weeks of vacation ahead of me I have started digging around Ravelry for patterns for my next project. It has been a pretty mild winter this year. Which is good because I have no mittens and I make mittens and fingerless gloves for everyone else so I can darn well make them for myself. To remedy my missing mitten situation, I’ve decided what I really need are convertible mittens.

I have downloaded three patterns. I am really intrigued by the patterns where the flap is knit as part of the mitten and not an add-on.

First is London Eye Glittens. I’m looking to do a cable pattern and this free pattern is quite lovely. Of the patterns I downloaded, these are not my favorite. I don’t like the individual fingers or the permanently uncovered thumb. If I do make these in the future, I will probably convert the individual fingers to an open mitten and close the thumb.

The second download was Deeply Aqua Convertible Mittens. These are quite pretty and very long. As someone with long arms I rarely find winter coats with long enough sleeves. Longer cuffs are a welcome addition to my life. Again, I don’t love the little thumb flap. While I understand it’s for touch-screen access, I think they’re silly and add a lot of bulk. If I make these, I will probably make a completely closed thumb. This is another free pattern.

The third download is the pattern I plan to make. Stoneybrook is an interesting pattern. The pattern is reversible and the flap is knit at the same time as the mittens. In fact, the flap is connected on three sides, not just one so it folds over itself. Part of the reason that I want to make my own mittens is that I have longer fingers which makes me a little concerned about this pattern (making sure the flap is long enough that when it folds over my fingers aren’t squished). This pattern has four charts which should be a nice stretch of my skills, especially as I add the pattern repeats I expect to add for a longer flap. This was not a free pattern. I don’t mind paying for patterns though my track record has been mixed (loved Hitchhiker, disappointed with Fiona’s Fingerless Mitts). I’m looking forward to starting this pattern, so it was a good $6.

Have you started working on your post-Christmas knitting? What’s on your needles now? Let me know in the comments.


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