Today I downloaded: Shawls and socks


I recently finished a beautiful, lacy scarf. I blocked it as best as I could with towels and pins, but it just didn’t open as evenly as I hoped it would. I figured it was time: blocking wires.

I had recently received my Knit Picks catalog and while I was adding the wires to my cart, I remembered I needed Soak Wash (have you tried this stuff? It cleans but you don’t have to rinse it out!) and my neighborhood shop didn’t seem to carry it anymore. Of course there are about a hundred yarn and craft stores of all sizes within five minutes of my house, but, well, isn’t online just easier sometimes? And, gosh, if I spend $50 I get free shipping so I PROBABLY should add in some of that beautiful yarn I just saw in the catalog. I’ve heard Knit Picks yarn is really nice to work with so isn’t it my blogging duty to try them out?

I ordered Stroll Tonal Sock Yarn in Pansy. Today the yarn arrived (but not the blocking wires, my original order, because they ship separately). Goodness gracious this yarn is beau-ti-ful. Of course I headed directly to Ravelry to add it to my stash. And maybe see what patterns I could make with it. You know, research.

I was originally thinking socks, but one of the first patterns that popped up was Hitchhiker. It seems like it’s almost a right of passage for knitters to knit Hitchhiker. I have been checking out this pattern for a while, but wasn’t sure I wanted to pay for it. After seeing samples of this shawl in the Stroll yarn, though, I was ready to purchase it when I saw Trillian and kind of fell in love. Then I saw that there were actually four shawl in this “trilogy of four patterns” collection. I bit the bullet and purchased all four and am excited to knit them up. One skein of my new Knit Picks handpainted yarn (photo above) will probably be Hitchhiker. Do I get a badge for finishing this knitting milestone?

While I had my credit card out and was in Ravelry, I finally caved and purchased the Shersocks pattern. I’m not doing half bad on my chart reading, so I might actually be able to get these socks done by the end of the year. Well, maybe by the end of winter. Before next summer, for sure.

What patterns have you downloaded recently?

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