Topics of Conversation

I love my knitting groups. I belong to three completely different groups and adore each one. Seriously, you should go out and find (or found!) a knitting group right now.

Now I know someone in your life will probably tell you knitting and knitting groups are only for “old ladies” but you and I know the truth. Knitting group is full of the most amazing and diverse people talking about the most amazing and diverse things you could ever think of. I laugh harder at these meetings and make friendships that carry on past group get-togethers.

And if you’re one of “those” people who think we just sit and gossip or talk about knitting, I’d like to share with you how diverse our conversations are with my new feature,

Topics of Conversation

At a recent knit night, we talked about:

  • Who is more hipster in the group
  • What we’re knitting
  • “Taking” Crack (apparently you “do” crack” and you “take” meth)
    • Meth
      • Making meth
      • Buying  meth and making Sudafed from it and selling it on the black market because Sudafed is harder to get than meth)
  • “Pegging” (seriously, NSFW) and why my son was worried about seeing Deadpool with me
  • Grief and Grieving (read this book, it’s life changing)
  • Gudetama (go watch these now!)
  • Traveling
    • Passports
      • Getting a Minnesota state ID with no picture (really, you can)
    • Buying locally-made yarn as trip souvenirs
  • Parenting
    • Parenting teenagers
  • Taking pictures of patterns from craft magazines and books at the bookstore without purchasing (Don’t do this. It’s rude and morally questionable and the knitting group nearby will fall silent and judge you in whispers)
  • Yarn
    • Yarn quality
    • Knit Picks yarn
  • The Hitchhiker (pattern)
  • Test Knitting
  • How much yarn can you get from one sheep
  • Common Core Math
  • Watching YouTube videos of people playing video games. Why do teenagers do that?

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