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When you have a group of friends who fall within a certain age, sometimes they all manage to have babies within a couple of months of each other. And sometimes—despite having almost six months to make a baby object before these women who don’t live nearby have arranged to be in town for a baby shower that you are hosting—you neglect to make any of the adorable baby sweaters or fancy hats you have purchased patterns and books for. When that happens, a quick search on Ravelry will show you the most adorable and QUICK hats possible: Veggies!

VeggieBabyHatTomatoEat your vegies [sic] is a super simple, super quick, super adorable baby hat pattern. I haven’t done very much color work and probably spent WAY more time on watching my floats than I needed to. This slowed me down quite a bit when I was at the veggie/leaf transition point. Aside from this, these hats knit up very quick and were easy bring-along projects. Also, how cute are these??

With the simple modification of adding a purl stitch in every set of eight, I was able to make the orange hat a pumpkin (thank you internet!). It’s cute, but the purl stitches make it a little less round and slouchy (compared to the eggplant and tomato).

VeggieBabyHatPumpkinI knit these on magic loop, likely on a US 7. I didn’t make a note of the needle before I put it away, but I’m pretty consistent in my knitting and usually use the needle recommended in the pattern.

I also made the stem longer so I could add that cute little knot. This was actually how the hat this pattern was based on (the Umbilical Cord Hat) was written. For the first hat, I used an i-cord. I don’t love knitting i-cord and realized since I was already doing magic loop, I would just knit the stem in magic loop. I’m much happier with how that ended up.

The yarn is Vintage DK by Berroco. I picked the yarn because it had the colors I wanted. But I’m so happy with how this yarn knit up. The colors are bright (and offered in a wide variety of colors) and machine washable. I was hoping to find something that was 100 percent superwash wool, but couldn’t find the colors I wanted. This yarn is an acrylic/wool/nylon mix. It did wash up beautifully.

VeggieBabyHatEggplantThese baby hats took very little yarn. I anticipate I will use the rest of the four balls (purchased during this year’s  Minnesota Yarn Shop Hop from the wonderful Lila and Claudine’s yarn shop) for more baby/toddler hats and possibly hats for my cats. There really isn’t anything in these pictures to indicate scale, but inside each hat is a single cake of yarn.

Bonus with these tiny hats (knit in the larger size on the pattern) is that when the hats aren’t done by the time you host the party, they can easily be mailed in a 9×6 bubble envelope along with a card.

These three beautiful babies (a boy and two girls) were all born at the end of spring/beginning of summer. Far too warm for wearing knit hats. I’m hoping come fall, these hats will be a wardrobe staple for three well-loved babies. I’m also planning to knit them baby sweaters. But I’ll probably knit them for a larger toddler because we all know it will take forever for me to find the perfect yarn and actually knit these. Maybe I should aim for a late elementary student size…

Project notes
  • Skills: Knit, purl, very simple two color, knit two together (K2tog)
  • For all: CO 80. K until 4″ +roll
  • For pumpkin: k7, p1
  • After all green, K1 row before decreasing
  • Stem: With 8-10 stitches on the needle, knit magic loop until 4-4.5″ (or i-cord)

What’s your favorite knit project for a baby? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to include a link!

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  1. These look awesome! I too usually risk the baby actually being born before I finish their intended gift 🙂 my favourite baby pattern is the newborn Vertebrae – it comes with instructions for many yarn weights so great stash busting project!

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