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Sometimes, you just need a fresh start. I have had this blog for several years. It was a book review blog to begin with. I love to read and it seemed a great way to keep track of my reading. But it’s a lot of work to blog about books and it wasn’t very fun. Then I tried a “I’ll write about anything I want” blog. But that was a disaster. Without a topic of something I truly loved as the foundation, it seemed disjointed. I couldn’t figure out what to write and who I wanted to read this. It wasn’t fun

So I scrapped everything and spent a lot of time thinking. And knitting. I’m always knitting. When I’m not working or reading, I’m knitting. I can knit while I talk, while I listen, while I watch TV. I usually have a project on or near me. I always have my little bag of notions nearby like a safety blanket.

Socks in progress
Gratuitous work-in-progress shot: Tiny socks on tiny needles mean tiny stitches.

I had thought before of creating a knitting blog. But what do I have to offer? I don’t write patterns. I don’t knit fancy lace, sweaters or elaborate blankets. I can fix most problems, but I’m still a little iffy on gauge. I can usually count rows, but sometimes I’m waaaaayyyy off. Every item I create has more than one mistake in it and nobody has time to go back and fix EVERY thing that goes wrong. I have more patterns to try while my stash of yarn is growing every day.

But I love knitting. I have a passion for it. I want everyone I make eye contact with to try knitting. I want to talk stitch patterns and weird abbreviations. I want to teach everyone how easy it is to fix mistakes. And when it needs a little more help, how it’s okay to pull out a couple rows. Or maybe even the whole thing. But maybe plan ahead and put in a lifeline if it’s something a little more complicated.

It seems natural that I could blog about knitting. I’m not a crazy awesome knitter, but I’m pretty good and getting better every day. I have opinions on materials, techniques, patterns and tools. I love knitting jokes and silly projects (watch for a review of this book I purchased today). I figure my enthusiasm will cover a lot of sins. And hopefully, make this a welcoming place. So welcome!

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